New Mystery Box Gift: Who Will Be The Mystery Box Master?

Clapper is always looking for opportunities to help its creators monetize, while still keeping a sense of community and finding new connections. Our upcoming Livestream gift combines both of those and provides a fun way to support other creators and get engagement in return. This is The Mystery Box!

What is the Mystery Box?🎁🔎

The Mystery Box is a Livestream/Radio gift in which the host and the viewer can set a gift box of coins for the Livestream viewers. On the mystery box, you can set the number of coins you want creators to receive, the number of people that can receive it, and a countdown in which the box will be available for creators to claim. As a host, you can set several mystery boxes throughout your Livestream, and only the creators that claim it first will receive the reward. Viewers can also set mystery box gifts. The beauty of this gift is that anyone can receive it and anyone can gift it.

What is the limit of recipients and coins a creator can set?

Recipients: 5 (min.) – 500 (max.)
Coins: 100 (min.) – 10,000 (max.)

For example:

My mystery box will have:

  • 200 coins
  • For 10 people
  • To release in 8 minutes

It’s important to know that not everyone will receive the same amount of coins. One creator might get 10 coins and the next one will get 30. That’s what makes it a mystery. It’s all about luck.

Boost Your Engagement by Supporting Your Community🚀

Now, you might be thinking: How will giving coins to my audience benefit me? We want creators to know that with this new gift, they can boost their own engagement by actually giving back to their community. Giving back is a great strategy not only for building a community but also for higher views on your Livestream and more engaging shows. These are some of the benefits the mystery box brings to the table:

  • Helps the creator economy grow within the app
  • Provide an opportunity to create engaging activities on Livestreams
  • It will encourage viewers to attend more livestreams
  • Live hosts will gain more views and interactions

#MysteryBoxMaster Challenge🏆

We couldn’t finish it without a fun challenge for our lovely creators. We bring you the Mystery Box Master challenge. If you can prove that you received or gifted 10 mystery boxes, you will receive 2,000 extra coins. Creators must make a video highlighting the 10 mystery boxes they’ve won or placed in radios or lives with the #MysteryBoxMaster hashtag to participate. The challenge will go until October 7th. Good luck to everyone! Let’s see who will be the ultimate Mystery Box Master👑

Stay tuned for our upcoming Mystery Box gift release date.