What’s Trending On Clapper? #MarchActivities

What’s trending this month? Keep up with Clapper’s latest trends and plan ahead for your content. Make sure you can participate in all the big trends by staying up to date with our brand-new activity updates. Read on March’s new trends with their unique descriptions.


Is your lucky day!🍀 The jig is a traditional Irish dance and this year we want all Clapper Creators to jig like there’s no tomorrow. Creators will compete on who does the best Jig dances on PK Battle. Apply to be a jig dancer on our St. paddy’s banner.

Latest Irish Dancing GIFs | Gfycat


Good luck is upon you! Wear all the green and go to your local parades. Show us your true St. Patrick’s spirit🍀⭐️

saint patricks day gifs | WiffleGif


Slot streaming becomes more common in our digital world every day. If you have a love for slot streaming share your content under this hashtag on Clapper!

Slot machine, gifgame GIFs - Gif-Vif.com


Why did you join Clapper? We want to know all about your journey on Clapper and why you decided to stay. List all the things that made you the creator that you are today. We will choose the best video for our next promo ad. Remember to use #WhyClapper on your videos.

social media content — Nicole Goldfarb

Every month we release what’s trending on Clapper for the following month. Keep in mind that some Hashtags might be targeted for a specific holiday, so always check the relevance of the hashtag before using it on your videos. The benefit of checking up on the trends for each month is that you can stay relevant and participate in important conversations that might be time-sensitive. Always be informed and have fun with it.

Keep an eye out for our next activities blog post!

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