Clapper Small Businesses

The Clapper Shop gives creators the opportunity to highlight their craft and turn their hobbies into potential small businesses.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and craftspeople – this one is for all of you. Clapper is adding a new feature, the Clapper shop, which will allow any creator to list products to sell to their communities. This is also an amazing opportunity to support small businesses on Clapper. Read our most recent articles about the Clapper shop and the featured creators with successful shops.

Verification 101

One of Clapper’s primary goals in our creator interactions is to be transparent. We value our creators and the content they make, and we want them to succeed on and off the app. Part of that – a huge part – is clearly communicating our verification process. It can be tricky and downright mysterious on… Continue reading Verification 101

Payoneer 101 with Clapper

At Clapper, one of our top priorities is making monetization easy. We want to help you earn money, and that includes making withdrawals as seamless as possible. This is why we have multiple transfer options for you to choose from! Including the newest, Payoneer added just for our international creators. In this article, we’ll go… Continue reading Payoneer 101 with Clapper

Clapper Deep Dive with @502ParanormalCrue

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we are interviewing Clapper creator and paranormal investigator, @502ParanormalCrue! @502ParanormalCrue (or Shannon! Or Charley Chainsaw, depending on the time of year!) is a seasoned paranormal investigator. On his profile, he shares videos of his investigations, of the beautiful crystals he comes across, and all things spooky. There was so… Continue reading Clapper Deep Dive with @502ParanormalCrue