Clapper Small Businesses

The Clapper Shop gives creators the opportunity to highlight their craft and turn their hobbies into potential small businesses.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and craftspeople – this one is for all of you. Clapper is adding a new feature, the Clapper shop, which will allow any creator to list products to sell to their communities. This is also an amazing opportunity to support small businesses on Clapper. Read our most recent articles about the Clapper shop and the featured creators with successful shops.

Mindset, Motivation, and Social Media with Nisaa Robinson

We don’t need to reference research or quote a few articles for you to know that social media affects mental health. Whether you’re a creator or a consumer, the constant flow of information, opportunity for comparison, and unintended competition could corrode anyone’s mindset and motivation. And even though most of us can admit a career… Continue reading Mindset, Motivation, and Social Media with Nisaa Robinson

How to Submit an Appeal

At Clapper, we’re constantly evaluating ourselves to ensure every feature of the app is as easy to use as possible. From downloading to withdrawing, we never want to see our creators struggle. And in one of our most recent updates, we’ve added a new, small feature to make using Clapper even easier. Creators can now… Continue reading How to Submit an Appeal