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What’s Trending On Clapper? #FebruaryActivities

What’s trending this month? Keep up with Clapper’s latest trends and plan ahead for your content. Make sure you can participate in all the big trends by staying up to date with our brand-new activity updates. Read on February’s new trends with their unique descriptions. #ClapperCrush Valentine’s Day is the holiday to tell people how you feel and what better way to do that than … Continue reading What’s Trending On Clapper? #FebruaryActivities

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Clapper Livestreams 101

One of the most popular ways to grow your audience and monetize your content is by hosting Clapper Livestreams. You can connect directly with your audience, gift or accept gifts from viewers, and show a completely new side of yourself. But every app is different, and figuring out how to go Live on each one can be frustrating. In this article, we’ll break down how … Continue reading Clapper Livestreams 101

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What is Clapper?: A New Dawn For Gen X and Y Creators

The Pandemic’s Social Media Rise In the midst of the pandemic, social media platforms turned into the only way for people to stay close to their loved ones during difficult times. Apps like Tiktok and Instagram rose to the front lines to serve the need to stay connected and attracted the young demographic to create short-form videos. While young creators flooded these social media apps … Continue reading What is Clapper?: A New Dawn For Gen X and Y Creators

Creating a Content Schedule for 2023 (Pt.1)

Being a content creator is a lot like a puzzle. There are dozens of pieces that have to fit together and are equally important for the entire picture. Often we focus on making our profile look nice, making sure we look nice, editing our videos, and engaging with our followers. One piece that so many creators forget (myself included) is setting a content schedule. Because … Continue reading Creating a Content Schedule for 2023 (Pt.1)

Streams of Love: Earn More During The Love Season

This month you can go LIVE, give a little extra love to your followers, and get a little extra love (and cash!) from the Clapper team! Clapper presents the Streams of LOVE, happening now until March 9th. This is our fourth Stream to Earn event and our first of 2023. What began as a challenge to help creators earn more on their Livestreams became one … Continue reading Streams of Love: Earn More During The Love Season

Clapper’s Tips for Setting Creator Goals This Year

With every new year comes a new set of goals or resolutions to aspire towards. Content creators and content creation are no exception – in fact, I’d say a lot of us start the year wanting to make something on our social media better. But setting those goals is always daunting. Even more so is the fact that meeting them seems improbable. Improbable, that is, … Continue reading Clapper’s Tips for Setting Creator Goals This Year