Clapper 101

The Format

  • 3-minute-length videos
  • Vertical shape videos
  • You can add music and sounds

The Content


  • Create original and fresh content
  • Engage in other people’s content and build a community
  • Use Hashtags to find relevant content
  • Post a minimum of 2-3 times a week
  • Be yourself!


  • Repost content from other apps or post content that is not originally yours.
  • Show any form of nudity, gambling or violence
  • Post rarely and remain silent with the Clapper community
  • Present yourself in a different light

Clapper Features (Blogs)

  1. Clapper Radio
  2. Clapper Lives
  3. Clapper Fam
  4. Nearby Feature

The Income

You can monetize your Clapper account. To learn how to do this check our article on Monetization.

Video Tutorials

Welcome to Clapper Tour

Clapper Tools Tour

Clapper Settings Tour

Clapper Group Tutorial

Clapper Radio Tutorial

Clapper Coins Tutorial

Hosting Lives Tutorial

Tipping Feature

Privacy and Settings

How To Make Content:

Verification Tutorial

Customizing DMs Tutorial