Clapper’s Community Guidelines

Clapper’s goal is to be transparent with our users. We want to make the app easy to use and understand – and that extends into our community guidelines. No matter the other apps you use, all of their community guidelines are wildly different – and written in a complex legal jargon even employees find difficult. That’s why we started our Highlighting Community Guidelines series. And why we’ve gathered everything you need to understand our community guidelines here.

Livestream Code of Conduct

We have specific guidelines for our Livestreams. You can read and review them here.


It’s one of the most important aspects of social media. Read more about Clapper’s privacy policies and how you can protect yourself here.

High Risk Content

High Risk Content includes gambling, sexual activity, and drug use. We will cover all of them in further detail later, but you can read these quick intros here.


On Clapper, we consider any unwanted or unsolicited messages to a large group spam. We also consider consistent, unsolicited, inappropriate messages to one individual spamming. Learn more about spam here.


Our community guidelines uses “illegality” to mean “illegal, tortious, or that violates any law or regulation”. Basically, anything that is against the law. Read more here.

Explicit Content

This entry covers sexual content and nudity, but also covers cursing, violence, and promoting other 18+ accounts. Read the full entry here.


Violence and violent content deserves its own entry. Read about what Clapper classifies as violent content here.


We’ve recently revisited and updated our guidelines on Gambling. To summarize, creators cannot use Clapper’s features to send or receive money for gambling. Read the entry in full detail here.


This entry covers how Clapper enforces Community Guideline violations. There’s several levels of enforcement, and you can read more about each here.

Community Guidelines

If you want to read our full Community Guidelines, you can find them on your profile. Open the Clapper app, go to your profile page, and click the button in the top right corner (it should look like 3 lines!). You’ll find your Community Guidelines under the “About” tab.

For Further Questions…

Check out our Clapper FAQ if you’ve got a question we didn’t answer. And to get the Clapper basics, revisit Clapper 101 or check out our @ClapperAcademy tutorials!