Livestreams: Code of Conduct

The following terms, as well as Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Biometric Data Consent and Policy, apply to all users on Clapper:

  • Zero tolerance for bullying or harassment to any user, person, or group of people. 
    • No doxxing, slander, or exploitation of private information. 
  • No sexually explicit or nude content. 
    • Adult-friendly content is allowed, but users are prohibited from sexually explicit acts or nudity on livestream.
      • No genitals and buttocks. 
      • Pasties do not count as cover-ups. 
      • No simulation of any sexual activities or sex toys. 
  • Extremely dangerous or harmful content is prohibited. 
    • This includes but is not limited to the following: Dangerous pranks and challenges, hacking demonstrations, instructional theft or cheating, promotion of dishonest behavior, and violent acts. 
    • Professional acts must include a disclaimer at the beginning of the video. 
  • Stream with permission 
    • Prior to livestream, ask permission from all parties involved to be recorded live. 
    • Do not exploit other users or external persons. 
  • Livestream users may not claim false authority or spread misinformation. 
    • Livestream users are prohibited from falsifying credentials and spreading inaccurate information they claim to be true.
    • Opinions should not be stated as fact. 
  • No misrepresentation of a specific event or location.
    • Although users are not obligated to share their location or activity, they must avoid giving a false or misleading account of their live streamed activity or event.
  • No spam, bots, phishing, or any other malicious activity. 
  • No impersonation or Catfishing allowed. 

Live-streaming FAQs

How do I add moderators on live? (View Tutorial

  • To make someone a moderator, you first have to wait for a user to enter your room. After a user sends a comment on your live, tap on their username and tap on the “Make a Moderator” button underneath their username. 

How to take out moderators on live?

  • To release a user as a moderator, tap on their username and then tap the button “Move to Audience” underneath their username. You are then able to add a new moderator or continue livestream unmoderated. 

How do I add Clapper Coins to my account? (View Tutorial

  • Tap on settings, then go underneath Account and tap on “Clapper Coins”. On this page, you are able to buy Clapper coins, view your coin balance, transaction history, and access Clapper Coin FAQs. 

How do I host a private live? (View Tutorial

  • To make livestream private, tap on the “Do Not Disturb” button on the top right of your livestream. You will then see the lock on the button close and users are no longer able to enter your livestream. You can disable the private setting by tapping on the “Do Not Disturb” button again. You will then see the lock reopen and users are able to enter your livestream.

How do I view my top gift givers?

  • During the live, tap on the “Diamonds” button that says “Viewers” on the top left of the livestream. This button will lead to a page that will show you your top 200 contributors. 

How do I duo-live with another user?

  • If you are inviting someone to go live with you, tap on their profile in the chat. Their page will then pop up and you will have the option to invite them to your live via the “Go Live With…” button. 
  • If someone requests to join your live, you can find them under the “Go Live With…” button. 

How do Diamonds work?

  • After ending the Livestream, you will get the summary of the live. After calculating, diamonds you received from the live will automatically exchange into US dollars to your wallet.

Tips on Hosting A Successful Live: 

  • Develop a livestream schedule that you can share with your followers. 
  • It is recommended that you host your live longer than 30 minutes. (The longer the live, the higher your chance is to get more people to join) 
  • Make sure you have proper lighting. 
  • Consider investing in a phone stand. 
  • Please obey traffic laws and traffic safety.
  • Prior to your live, promote your live stream! Inform your followers of the following: the date and time of your live, which platform you will be on, and the topic or activity of your live. 
  • After you end your live stream, track your success by taking note of the data analytics. Keep track of the following: the most popular gifts, which user gave you the most gifts, and a total number of views, likes, and diamonds. 
  • Have fun and be you!

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