Unplugging from Social Media

Even though we’re a social media company, we know it can be important to take a break. Whether the platforms are taking up too much of your time, causing unnecessary stress, or just aren’t enjoyable anymore, unplugging and stepping away from social media can be beneficial. And, since we’re a social media platform, we know that’s easier said than done. Social media is fun and … Continue reading Unplugging from Social Media

5 Books Every Content Creator Needs to Read

You can learn a lot about social media and content creation (and even marketing!) just by searching a few hashtags or analyzing your own favorite creators. However, it’s easy to loose that information in the sea of cat videos, DIYs, and vlogs. And sometimes just hearing it makes it more confusing. Reading can make learning easier, and you can mark pages to reference later. Plus … Continue reading 5 Books Every Content Creator Needs to Read

Clapper Campaigns: A Recap and Introduction

Clapper is all about community. Whether you want to find a community, start your own, or just engage with other users, Clapper’s goal is to help you get there. But we didn’t want to stop at Groupchats, Profile Tags, or an equal opportunity algorithm. Oh no, the team created monthly, in-app events to help creators find each other and forge lasting friendships. Today, we’re talking … Continue reading Clapper Campaigns: A Recap and Introduction

Clapper Reading List

In the last month, we have seen a huge growth in our bookish community! Authors, editors, and readers alike have swarmed the app, sharing their expertise and art with their Clapper audience. We’ve had reading and writing spaces on the app since it was founded in 2020, but seeing the Clapper OGs and Clapper Newbies come together to celebrate their work has been so inspiring. … Continue reading Clapper Reading List

Accepting and Rejecting Feedback on Social Media

Let’s be honest: no matter what anyone says, no one likes or wants criticism or harsh feedback. Especially not on a creative endeavor or something that has creators being real and vulnerable. Authors, actors, and musicians are often told not look at reviews and critiques. Many tell aspiring artists to not Google themselves, to stay out of forums, and avoid seeking out any kind of … Continue reading Accepting and Rejecting Feedback on Social Media