How to Submit an Appeal

At Clapper, we’re constantly evaluating ourselves to ensure every feature of the app is as easy to use as possible. From downloading to withdrawing, we never want to see our creators struggle. And in one of our most recent updates, we’ve added a new, small feature to make using Clapper even easier. Creators can now appeal flagged or banned videos through a form directly in … Continue reading How to Submit an Appeal

The Road to Verification on Clapper

Social media verification is confusing. It doesn’t help that each one is so different; you get one under control, and the next is something completely new. That’s why we make so much content (on Clapper and on our blog) about our verification process. We want our creators to succeed in all facets of content creation, and of course that includes getting verified. That’s why we’ll … Continue reading The Road to Verification on Clapper

Guidelines For OnlyFans Creators On Clapper

Clapper is all about inclusivity. Part of that is to accommodate different types of creators and offer resources to make their content better. Another part is making sure that creators are aware of our guidelines, so they can thrive without misunderstandings. We are highlighting and reviewing our guidelines in regards to OnlyFans creators, so they’re fully aware of restrictions in regards to content creation.  Even … Continue reading Guidelines For OnlyFans Creators On Clapper

Discussion-Starters For Your Group Chat

Group chats are probably the best way to stay in-touch with your community. Not only does it allow you to send updates and announcements to all your followers in one go, but it lets you connect with every one of them. And, an added benefit, they can connect with each other. Seriously, we’ve seen some incredible friendships develop in Group chats. While they sometimes happen … Continue reading Discussion-Starters For Your Group Chat

Re-Evaluating Your Creator Goals

At the start of the year, we talked about setting social media goals.  We walked through how to set goals, what to keep in mind, and what questions to ask yourself as you’re goal setting.  Most of us (ourselves included) took that list, put it in a “safe place”, and promptly forgot it existed.  But what good are goals if you only revisit them when … Continue reading Re-Evaluating Your Creator Goals

Clapper Q&A

Each week, we get asked dozens of questions about Clapper.  Whether it’s about how to use our features, how to get the most out of the algorithm, or how to improve their content, creators reach out to us daily.  It’s why we started creating tutorials on @ClapperAcademy, and why we started our Q&A Livestreams on @ClapperCreator.  And why we started our 101 series on the … Continue reading Clapper Q&A