5 Reasons People Are Leaving TikTok

TikTok exploded onto the social media scene in April 2020, and it’s no wonder. People were stuck inside, looking for ways to connect with new people and realize they weren’t alone. But is soon morphed from something genuine and exciting into…well, every other social media app. People posting unattainable routines, children and trolls picking on other users, shadow-banning and suppressing views, and content that felt fake and flat. There was no more connecting with other people, no more seeing that you weren’t the only one struggling – just people trying to go viral fast.

People using Clapper

It’s no wonder people are leaving TikTok for other apps. And most of them are leaving for Clapper, a short-form video and live-streaming platform dedicated to their creators. The app has already garnered over 6 million users with more joining everyday, creating a safe space where real people can be heard, be seen, and be valued.

But why has everyone made the switch? And why should you ditch TikTok for Clapper? We’ll keep it short and give you 5 reasons, but they go on and on.

1. Real People, Real Stories

There’s no posturing or preening here. Clapper creators are real people posting their lives, interests, and experiences with other people. Creators are unapologetically themselves, sharing and celebrating their differences. Everyone deserves to be seen, be heard, and be valued.


2. Easily Monetize on Clapper

While most platforms make monetizing hard or take a huge cut out of your earnings, Clapper wants its users to make money. There are 5 different ways to make money on Clapper, letting creators play to their strengths and find a feature that works best for them. Clapper’s cut of the profits is a fraction of the competition’s, meaning more of the creator’s hard earned money goes into their pocket. And it works. Clapper creators are making up to $3,000 a month from their content! If you’re going to seriously invest your time in content creation, then you deserve to see a return. Clapper gives you the best bang for your buck!

Monetizing with Clapper

3. Adults Only

Clapper is a platform made for people 17 years old or older. Creators aren’t babysitters and shouldn’t have to worry if their content will get them in trouble. Other apps have pages of strict rules their users must adhere to. How can you remember what you should say when you’re worrying over what you can’t say? On Clapper you can share your real opinions and experiences unfiltered. And you deserve a platform were speaking your mind isn’t a commodity.


4. No Ads on Clapper

Unlike practically every other app, Clapper doesn’t have ads or sponsored posts on their platform. Their focus is on genuine connection and helping their creators make money.

Clapper is for the Gen X and Y community

5. Built For Community

The primary way to be successful on Clapper is by creating unique content and building a community based on real friendships and connections. There’s no pressure to follow trends, jump on bandwagons, or appear perfect in every one of your videos. Your content will perform best if it’s made for friends and feels genuine. With over 6 million people using Clapper and half a dozen features designed to foster friendships, there are plenty of connections to be made.

And that’s just 5 reasons people are leaving TikTok and joining Clapper. We haven’t even mentioned the built in group messages, subscription tiers, the Radio feature, or the Clapper team’s dedication to being part of the community. There are dozens of reasons to finally join the Clapper family and make your voice heard.

People love using Clapper

TL;DR –  If you miss the old days of social media, where it was all about meeting new people and sharing your opinions, Clapper is the platform for you. If you’re lookin for social media that’s about more than how you look and how many views you can get, Clapper is calling your name. And if you’re wanting to make money off of your content, no one makes it easier than Clapper.

Download Clapper and start building your community today!