Tips for Hosting a Virtual Friendsgiving

If there’s one good thing to come out of the last few years, it’s the realization that not every get-together has to be in person. Friendsgiving is no exception. Why take a few traffic-filled drives or make mad-dash airport trips when you can be cozy at home? In this article, we’ll discuss what a Friendsgiving is and share a few tips to have a great … Continue reading Tips for Hosting a Virtual Friendsgiving

2022 Holiday Events On Clapper

Get to gobblin’! Our 2022 Holiday Season events are here and there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to talk about food, support small businesses, or sing your heart out, we’ve got the perfect event to scratch that itch. This year we will have #ThePerfectPie challenge, our #Bemyguest question challenge, holiday cooking livestreams, Clapper’s holiday bazaar, and finally our very first Battle of the Carols. … Continue reading 2022 Holiday Events On Clapper

Announcing Stream To Earn 3.0: Holiday Stream

Stream to Earn began as an anniversary campaign to improve the creator economy. Creators were able to earn up to 15% extra income daily by hosting daily Livestreams. Throughout the month of June 2022, users started earning more on their regular livestreams which led to a second stream to earn: Streams of Summer. The results were absolutely amazing. As we enter the holiday season, we thought … Continue reading Announcing Stream To Earn 3.0: Holiday Stream

The title of the article, "Holidays to Celebrate this November (Besides Thanksgiving)" surrounded by autumn leaves.

Holidays to Celebrate this November (Besides Thanksgiving)

In America, there’s no bigger November holiday than Thanksgiving. Like its predecessor Halloween and successor Christmas, it can be all-consuming from the start of the month to the end. But it’s not the only holiday in November – far from it, actually! Today, we’re sharing a few other holidays you may overlook this month. Dia de Los Muertos Originating in Mexico, Dia de Los Muertos … Continue reading Holidays to Celebrate this November (Besides Thanksgiving)

Clapper Spooky Fashion Fest

Our Spooky Fashion Fest was one for the books. Clapper hosted a spooky fashion show where creators dressed in costume and PK Battle with Clapper Creator showed their best runway walk. Some creators did unique face paints such as Frankenstein, a zombie, or a clown, others had whole outfits tailored for this event. The creativity and commitment were evident as the first participants started strutting … Continue reading Clapper Spooky Fashion Fest

Halloween 2022 Campaign Announcement

Calling all goblins, ghouls, and everything in between! Our Halloween 2022 Campaign is here. Whether you want to cheer someone on or step into the spotlight yourself, we’ve got three activities to help you get your scare on. Also, listen to our spooky playlist on Spotify to enter Halloween Week with the right energy. Spooky Fashion Fest 👹 This year, ClapperCreator is hosting our first-ever … Continue reading Halloween 2022 Campaign Announcement