Clapper’s Spooky Stories Showdown

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. Last year we loved our Spooky Fashion Fest, but for Halloween 2023 we want to hear your spooky stories! Spooky Stories on Clapper 😱 Get ready to spook us with your storytelling! The Clapper team is hosting our first scary story contest. Post a video sharing your scariest story for the chance to become the Pumpkin … Continue reading Clapper’s Spooky Stories Showdown

Clapper’s 2023 Rocktoberfest Winners

Our third Rocktoberfest came, and we had such a great time watching creators connect and compete! Whether we were moderating a chat or cheering for a Livestream, our team was totally engrossed in Rocktoberfest this year. But like all good things, it had to come to an end. In this article, we’re announcing the winners of our contests and recapping some of our favorite moments. … Continue reading Clapper’s 2023 Rocktoberfest Winners

Rocktoberfest: Clapper’s Spin on Oktoberfest

Clapper’s Rocktoberfest is returning for it’s 3rd year! At this point, no campaign feels more Clapper than Rocktoberfest – and it’s hard to find another so beloved by the Clapper community. This year’s Rocktoberfest will be September 25th – 29th, with three new gifts you can share with your favorite Livestream host.  In this article, we’ll be unveiling our events, discussing the history of Oktoberfest, … Continue reading Rocktoberfest: Clapper’s Spin on Oktoberfest

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on Clapper

Celebrate Hispanic heritage and culture this month on Clapper! We have seen such incredible growth in our Hispanic community over the last few months, and we are so proud to have this vibrant, supportive community on our app. And there’s no better time to celebrate than Hispanic Heritage Month! We’ve got an exciting line-up of creator collaborations, Livestream events, and exclusive games to celebrate. Read … Continue reading Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on Clapper

You’re Invited to Clappy Hour!

Celebrate sending the kids back to school or jump start the weekend with Clappy Hour! For the month of August, creators will be going Live to connect and kick back. Let’s dive into this brand new campaign and how you can get involved! When is Clappy Hour? The official Clappy Hour is every Wednesday, from 4-7pm your time. Our partnered Livestream creators will be going … Continue reading You’re Invited to Clappy Hour!

Clapper x Hive Collab

Clapper has partnered up with Hive, a powerful set of AI tools, to enhance user experience and provide advanced content moderation insights. Our primary goal at Clapper is to empower our creators to create the content they love, without having to worry about shadowbanning or uber strict community guidelines. This partnership with Hive will take that one step further. “Clapper is not just another social … Continue reading Clapper x Hive Collab