Clapper Campaigns: A Recap and Introduction

Clapper is all about community. Whether you want to find a community, start your own, or just engage with other users, Clapper’s goal is to help you get there. But we didn’t want to stop at Groupchats, Profile Tags, or an equal opportunity algorithm. Oh no, the team created monthly, in-app events to help creators find each other and forge lasting friendships. Today, we’re talking … Continue reading Clapper Campaigns: A Recap and Introduction

Moderators 101

As a content creator, you’ve got a busy schedule. You have to create and edit your content, find new and exciting ways to engage with and entertain your community, be on the look out for collaborations, and somehow balance everything else in your day-to-day life. If you need a little extra help managing all of it, we can’t wait to introduce you to moderators. Moderators … Continue reading Moderators 101