Clapper Hosts 3rd Rock Media’s Roctoberfest Festivities

For those who don’t know, 3rd Rock Media recently partnered with Clapper to promote its influencer program. Now, Clapper will be hosting their first event: Roctoberfest. This event will take place from October 4th to the 8th. While 3rd Rock Media is organizing this event, Clapper is offering its platform to promote and host all … Continue reading Clapper Hosts 3rd Rock Media’s Roctoberfest Festivities

Highlighting Community Guidelines: Illegality

In this fourth part of the Community Guidelines series, we are going to talk about illegality within the Clapper app. As you know, this is an attempt to make community guidelines less format-based and easier to understand. Violating our community guidelines could significantly affect your account, but doing it by doing illegal activities could affect … Continue reading Highlighting Community Guidelines: Illegality