Tips for Filming Your Content

People often say there’s no wrong way to create content – we say it all the time, too! While we still standby that statement, we do understand that it’s openness can make actually filming content more difficult. Or more daunting.  If there’s no “wrong” way to do it, then where does one even begin? And how do you know you’re filming content well? What makes … Continue reading Tips for Filming Your Content

Deep Dive with @TheTiralosiTwins

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we’re interviewing Clapper creators, @TheTiralosiTwins. @TheTiralosiTwins (also known as Alex and Cody) are Clapper creators who make content about their lives as identical twins. All of their videos are hilarious (even the ones about their cat) and have had the whole office laughing since we first came across their account. In this interview, we talked about the time they … Continue reading Deep Dive with @TheTiralosiTwins

5 Books Every Content Creator Needs to Read

You can learn a lot about social media and content creation (and even marketing!) just by searching a few hashtags or analyzing your own favorite creators. However, it’s easy to loose that information in the sea of cat videos, DIYs, and vlogs. And sometimes just hearing it makes it more confusing. Reading can make learning easier, and you can mark pages to reference later. Plus … Continue reading 5 Books Every Content Creator Needs to Read