Holiday Bazaar 2022: The Lineup

There’s nothing like the personalities you meet at a Christmas market. Whether they’re perfectly practiced carolers or jolly bystanders, there’s someone on every corner for you to chat with. We’re excited to bring the same energy into our Holiday Bazaar! Throughout the week, the shop will get three special visitors on each Livestream: @ClapperCreator, entertainers, and hosts. Each visitor will join the shops to promote … Continue reading Holiday Bazaar 2022: The Lineup

Holiday Bazaar 2022: The Catalog

This year’s Holiday Bazaar is in one week and we wanted to show you what’s in store (literally and figuratively). Consider this catalog your gifting guide! Read on for a sneak peek at this year’s vendors and the goodies they have on offer. December is the busiest time of the month for online stores, and it’s the perfect time to find and try new small … Continue reading Holiday Bazaar 2022: The Catalog

How to Make Your Clapper Shop Stand Out

‘Tis the season for selling! With the Holiday Bazaar fast approaching and everyone hunting for just the right gift, now is the perfect time to try out something new in your shop. It’s essential that your shop stands out from the others and that your products get customers excited to shop with you. Easier said than done, I know, but I’ve got some ideas to … Continue reading How to Make Your Clapper Shop Stand Out

Clapper’s Holiday Cookbook

Happy Holidays from the Clapper Team! No matter what you celebrate, November and December are always full of cooking (and eating!) delicious food. From healthy alternatives to indulgent classics, our Holiday Cookbook has 10 recipes (And an extra one for our cocktail aficionados) from Clapper creators for you to try out this year.  Use the hashtags #HolidayCooking and #BeMyGuest to show us what you’re making … Continue reading Clapper’s Holiday Cookbook

2022 Holiday Events On Clapper

Get to gobblin’! Our 2022 Holiday Season events are here and there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to talk about food, support small businesses, or sing your heart out, we’ve got the perfect event to scratch that itch. This year we will have #ThePerfectPie challenge, our #Bemyguest question challenge, holiday cooking livestreams, Clapper’s holiday bazaar, and finally our very first Battle of the Carols. … Continue reading 2022 Holiday Events On Clapper