Discussion-Starters For Your Group Chat

Group chats are probably the best way to stay in-touch with your community. Not only does it allow you to send updates and announcements to all your followers in one go, but it lets you connect with every one of them. And, an added benefit, they can connect with each other. Seriously, we’ve seen some incredible friendships develop in Group chats. While they sometimes happen … Continue reading Discussion-Starters For Your Group Chat

Deep Dive with Reka Mihaly

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we’re interviewing personal trainer, fitness studio owner, and EMT, Reka Mihaly! Reka Mihaly (@RekaMihaly on Clapper) started her journey on Clapper about 3 months ago, but she’s already amassed an enviable community. Her content is mostly fitness, breaking down different moves or routines and sharing her expertise. In this interview, we walked with Reka about her busy schedule, the … Continue reading Deep Dive with Reka Mihaly

Re-Evaluating Your Creator Goals

At the start of the year, we talked about setting social media goals.  We walked through how to set goals, what to keep in mind, and what questions to ask yourself as you’re goal setting.  Most of us (ourselves included) took that list, put it in a “safe place”, and promptly forgot it existed.  But what good are goals if you only revisit them when … Continue reading Re-Evaluating Your Creator Goals

Clapper Sounds with CAITYY

For our 24th Clapper Sounds Interview, we’re highlighting CAITYY. CAITYY (or @CAITYY on Clapper) is a musician and Clapper creator from Northern Ireland. She and all of her sisters fell in love with music at a young age – a love that has lead CAITYY to purse a degree in audio production. Right now most of CAITYY’s content has an acoustic or indie sound, but … Continue reading Clapper Sounds with CAITYY

The Do’s & Don’ts of Small Business (with @WheelsOverMatter)

We’ve talked before about taking your time when it comes to starting a business and developing a brand.  It’s still advice we repeat to ourselves and something we’d advise every content creator and small business owner to do.  But now we want to expand on that and talk specifically about opening a shop and starting to sell your work.  And even if we make it … Continue reading The Do’s & Don’ts of Small Business (with @WheelsOverMatter)

Deep Dive with @SafariSammie

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we’re interviewing animal caretaker and content creator, @SafariSammie. @SafariSammie (or Sammie!) is an animal caretaker at Single Vision, a wildlife education facility.  She amassed a huge following on multiple platforms by sharing content of the animals she works with.  Namely (as the picture on the left suggests) big cats.  Most of her content is showing off these elegant animals … Continue reading Deep Dive with @SafariSammie