Deep Dive: Black Creators Interview Series

Our Deep Dive Series is all about featuring creators that have impacted the Clapper community. Its purpose is to shine a light on the content that Clapper was created for: real people with real lives. Similarly, Black History Month was created to highlight the significant contributions that Black people have made to US history and advancement. Modern celebrations honor those achievements and the experiences of Black and African American people today.

Because of these similarities, we could think of no better way to celebrate Black History Month than by hosting a special Deep Dives focusing on some of our top Black Creators!

In this four-part interview series, we’ll be talking with Black Creators to learn more about their experiences, share their stories, and discuss what this month of observation means to them. Read on to learn more about each creator and see when they’ll be going live.

February 2nd: @MontrellSeahawk

Montrell’s content is a great mix of motivational and comedic. Montrell posts a ton of content every day, reacting to and sharing viral news, comedy sketches, and posting videos to start real, honest discussions with his followers. His motivational content is sure to give you a boost whenever you’re feeling down!

February 9th: @Brownin_tee

@Brownin_tee’s content has the entire Clapper team LOLing on the regular! This UK creator and aspiring actress create comedy sketches about relationships and sex. She does most of these through lip syncs and brings her chosen audios to life flawlessly.

February 16th: @Lexi.Sway

Lexi is a boutique and Clapper Shop owner we got to know during the Holiday Bazaar. While her content is mostly fun, slice-of-life goodness, she is incredibly passionate about her business. Her love of unique pieces makes her shop one of our favorites.

February 23rd: @Beatspeare

@Beatspeare is best known as a musician on Clapper. He’s always sharing his music and repping his new releases. (Which can all be found in the Clapper Sounds Library.) When he’s not spreading the word about his newest release, @Beatspeare also posts comedic content! Lip syncs, reactions, quick sketches – he can do it all!

To listen live (and have the chance to ask these incredible creators questions) head to @ClapperCreator at 5pm CT every Thursday this month. We’ll be posting transcriptions on our blog every Friday, so you can still learn from these creators’ insight even if you miss the Radio. In the meantime, check out each creator from our Deep Dive: Black Creator series so you can come prepared with questions!

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