Clapper’s Referral Program: Share To Earn

Invite your friends to join Clapper and earn up to $50k!

We know that the Clapper Fam already does an incredible job of bringing new creators to the app, and we wanted to make that process even easier and even more rewarding. We’re excited to announce that the Clapper Referral Program is LIVE! From February 1st through June1st, you can invite friends to join Clapper and earn a percentage when they go live. All it takes is a few taps!

How The Clapper Referral Program Works 👯

Every Clapper creator has their own referral link. New users can click this link to download Clapper; your accounts will not be linked together, but we’ll be able to see that you referred this person to Clapper. Anytime they go Live and earn money, you’ll earn 10% of their Livestream earnings. So if they earn 100 Diamonds, you’ll automatically get 10 Diamonds of your own!

Can it get better? Yes! When you go Live and someone you invited to Clapper gives you a gift, you’ll earn a 20% bonus on that Livestream gift. You can earn up to $50,000 for each friend you refer to Clapper and there’s no limit on how many people you can refer. Anyone else suddenly excited for their high school reunion? 💸

How Can I Refer A Friend? 🤳

  1. Click the Refer a Friend banner on your Explore page (shown to the right). This banner will take you to a central page with everything you need to know about this program.
  2. Copy your unique referral link. This will be at the top of the page for this entire event, so don’t worry if you lose it or meet someone new!
  3. Share the link! You can send it to your friends directly, or post the link on your Linktree or other socials. Anyone can use your link to download the app.

Remember, these codes are only live until April 1st, so grab yours and get sharing before time runs out. Check out this video on @ClapperCreator for a walkthrough.

Other Useful Info 🤓

  • While the codes will only be available until April 1st, creators will earn rewards for 12 months.
  • When your new friends join, take some time to help them learn how to go Live and send Gifts! Try going Live together to increase earning potential.
  • New users will get their own referral link…which means they can Share + Earn too!

We can’t wait to see all the new friends you bring into the Clapper community!

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