Clapper Sounds with Matt Gardner

For our 29th Clapper Sounds Interview, we’re highlighting country musician Matt Gardner! Matt (@MattGardnerMusic on Clapper) is a Pennsylvania-based, Florida raised musician. Matt’s main genre is country, but a lot of his influences are hip-hop and rap. Even though we can hear it in his music, his Tupac shirt was another good clue! We sat down with Matt to talk about his thoughts on content … Continue reading Clapper Sounds with Matt Gardner

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Crush Your Next Livestream with @RoseSaidStuff

Right now, livestreams are as close to human interaction as we can get on social media. Until we invent Multi Holograms (excuse us while we research how to get a patent) it’s the next best thing to seeing someone in person. That’s why the Livestream feature is so popular on Clapper, both for creators and their followers.   So much so that there are creators who … Continue reading Crush Your Next Livestream with @RoseSaidStuff

Clapper Levels 101

We talk a lot about gifting creators, but we don’t often discuss how gifting can benefit the sender, too. No, we don’t mean that feel-good moment when someone gets excited about your gift. At Clapper, there’s some perks to gifting your favorite creators. And with Clapper Levels, it’s almost as fun as receiving them. Almost! In this article, we’ll take you through the basics of … Continue reading Clapper Levels 101