Clapper Levels FAQ

There’s a lot to love on Clapper (we think). But Clapper Levels really rises to the top of the list. Levels are a tiered benefit system that reward creators for sending Livestream gifts. As they move through the levels, creators receive special benefits and perks that make them stand out in any Livestream. It’s easy to love, and it’s no wonder why we have so many creators asking about Levels and starting their journey.

In this article, we’ll break down our most frequently asked questions about Clapper Levels. Whether you haven’t given your first gift or are wondering what those little wings on your profile pic are, you’ll have everything you need for your Clapper Levels!

How Do I Start My Clapper Levels? 🎬

You can start your Levels journey as easy as one, two three! Once you send your first Livestream gift, you’ll automatically begin your Levels journey. Literally, that’s all it takes. From there, you’ll add to your level each time you send a Livestream gift.

What Are the Benefits? 🏆

Each level comes with it’s own benefits, including a special frame that appears around your profile picture in a Live. You also get a special medal (which appears beside your username) that changes as you advance through the levels. Users that reach a certain level also get special in-app banners that announce when they enter or gift in a Live.

Why Did My Levels Decrease? 📉

Clapper Levels are calculated and adjusted each day based on how much you gift. Gifts only count toward your levels for 365 days and will reset after that time. If you see any fluctuation in your level, it’s likely because of this. The best way to maintain your level and benefits is to gift each day.

What if My Gift is Returned? 🎁

If a Livestream host returns your gift, your Levels progress will be reduced accordingly. But you can still resend the gift to a new creator to return to your previous level.

How Do I Track My Progress? 👀

You can check your level at any time through our gifting menu, shown to the right.

  1. Go to any Livestream and click the gift button at the bottom right corner. If you’ve never gifted before, it’s the button that looks like a yellow and orange gift box.
  2. Once you click the gift button, you’ll see a menu page for our gift options (shown to the right). Above that, you’ll find one of two things: a prompt telling you to start your Levels journey, or a progress bar showing you how close you are to the next level. Click that!
  3. Now you should be on the Levels page, where you’ll see the different levels and their benefits. You can also see how many coins you need to send to move to the next Level.

To learn more about Levels, check out Clapper Levels 101!