Mental Health and Social Media

No matter how you use social media, we all know it can be damaging for your health. We’re a social media platform and even we aren’t shy to admit that. Which is why this article isn’t necessarily about the correlation between mental health and social media, but rather about ways social media can damage your mental health. Because saying that social media can be toxic … Continue reading Mental Health and Social Media

Managing Your Socials on Vacation

To post, or not to post – that is the question. Whether ’tis more relaxing to log off of social media completely, or find pockets of time to share content while on vacation. That’s the Shakespeare, right? Regardless, we’re here to help answer it. Everyone loves a vacation. We all work too hard and deserve a little time to rest. Whether you’re planning the family … Continue reading Managing Your Socials on Vacation

Unplugging from Social Media

Even though we’re a social media company, we know it can be important to take a break. Whether the platforms are taking up too much of your time, causing unnecessary stress, or just aren’t enjoyable anymore, unplugging and stepping away from social media can be beneficial. And, since we’re a social media platform, we know that’s easier said than done. Social media is fun and … Continue reading Unplugging from Social Media

Deep Dive with @TheTiralosiTwins

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we’re interviewing Clapper creators, @TheTiralosiTwins. @TheTiralosiTwins (also known as Alex and Cody) are Clapper creators who make content about their lives as identical twins. All of their videos are hilarious (even the ones about their cat) and have had the whole office laughing since we first came across their account. In this interview, we talked about the time they … Continue reading Deep Dive with @TheTiralosiTwins