Happy Father’s Day To The #DadsOfClapper

From our family to yours: Happy Father’s Day! As a special surprise, we have put together a group of inspiring dads from Clapper in this blog. We want to share some of the dads’ content in their special day. If you weren’t featured in here, do not worry! We value all of you and today we still have some great surprises for you. Just the ready the Father’s Day Campaign Announcement.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!🎉


If you want to find a devoted father, there is no one on Clapper like @Dad_chad. His little girl is battling cancer and he is always finding ways to make her feel save and loved. His whole Clapper platform is based on helping his daughter recover and playing with her to distract her from her difficult day-to-day adversities. He is amazing!


If you want a good laugh and a fun sons and father connection, check this guy out. His comedic bits are hilarious and we can tell his kids have a blast acting and enjoy filming together. We want more positve content like this on Clapper! Especially, if it has to do with the ninja turtles.


This creator always show us his unfitered self, something we encourage a lot in this app. Be as you are. @Snowcity is always showing new things about the place where he lives and also has time to share motivational messages from time to time. We also love his beautiful father-daughter relationship, they seem to always have a blast.


The creator behind WrightFamilyFarm is a father of two beautiful children, but lets not forget about the 40 animals that live in his farm and are also considered as family. We love how this devoted father not only shows farm-life activities, but that he involves his kids into their way of life too. This family is making us want jump on hay with them.


The positivity and motivation that @JesseJShan brings on all of his videos is admirable. He always got a smile on his face and its contagious. Also, Jesse is a new parent. Congratulations! We know how difficult being a new father can be, but we appreciate he is sharing his journey with us. If you got diaper recommendations please dm him.


@Dadbodwellness is an example to follow. His content as a personal trainer is amazing, but his role in the life of his daughter is so beautiful. Not only he created his content to inspire others, but so his daughter is proud of him and has a healthy dad around. We love this concept and the videos he makes for her little one.


This dad is always finding new ways to spread positive and sweet messages through his platform. He talks about motivation and mental health awareness in a lot of his videos and it honestly fills our hearts how he does it so gracefully. She has the sweetest little girl and we love how he dedicated he is with her. We also have to say that his beard game is on point.


This dad really shows the funny parts of parenthood and dealing with all types of crazy situations. His at-home videos with his two daughters are adorable and at times very funny. He shows very relatable videos of what parents have to go through on a daily basis. The good and the bad, but mostly good.


@Paul_gulley’s at home life could not be more hilarious. His comedic content as a dad is amazing, he is very creative and makes sure his videos get a laugh out of you. If you want some amazing parent advice on chaging diapers we have one for you here.


@mysterE has build an amazing community at Clapper. He is a great example of an dedicated content creator. Our favorite thing is his Wednesday Fun Facts. He delivers entertaining content and he knows how to build a community. Did we forgot to mention he has new beautiful baby at home? Congratulations on the newest addition to your family @MysterE!

Happy Father’s Day everyone!