Guidelines For OnlyFans Creators On Clapper

Clapper is all about inclusivity. Part of that is to accommodate different types of creators and offer resources to make their content better. Another part is making sure that creators are aware of our guidelines, so they can thrive without misunderstandings. We are highlighting and reviewing our guidelines in regards to OnlyFans creators, so they’re fully aware of restrictions in regards to content creation.  Even … Continue reading Guidelines For OnlyFans Creators On Clapper

¿Qué es Clapper? Un Nuevo Comienzo Para Creadores de Contenido Adultos

Navegando La Pandemia… En el medio de la pandemia, las redes sociales se convirtieron en la unica manera en la que podiamos mantenernos cerca de nuestra familia y amigos durante tiempos dificiles. Aplicaciones como TikTok e Instagram lograron que una demografía joven de usuarios se uniera a sus plataformas para crear videos y compartir su experiencia desde sus casas. Aunque estos creadores jóvenes inundaron estas aplicaciones … Continue reading ¿Qué es Clapper? Un Nuevo Comienzo Para Creadores de Contenido Adultos

What’s Trending On Clapper? #JuneActivities

What’s happening this month?  Read about June’s new trends and get the inside scoop on Clapper’s latest campaigns below! Father’s Day 👨‍🍼 Celebrate the remarkable fathers who have shaped our lives this Father’s Day on Clapper. Whether you’re thanking the fathers in your life or stepping into that role for someone else, we can’t wait to celebrate with you! #fathersday23 🧡 No matter how you’re … Continue reading What’s Trending On Clapper? #JuneActivities

Announcing Stream To Earn 3.0: Holiday Stream

Stream to Earn began as an anniversary campaign to improve the creator economy. Creators were able to earn up to 15% extra income daily by hosting daily Livestreams. Throughout the month of June 2022, users started earning more on their regular livestreams which led to a second stream to earn: Streams of Summer. The results were absolutely amazing. As we enter the holiday season, we thought … Continue reading Announcing Stream To Earn 3.0: Holiday Stream

Profile Tags 101

Clapper’s Profile Tags feature elevates the way creators find connections and express themselves. With this feature, creators can add tags for their specific interests to their profile and connect with creators all across the world. Keep reading to learn how you can add your own tags and make the most of them! What Are Profile Tags? This feature allows creators to add self-identifying tags to … Continue reading Profile Tags 101

Clapper Spooky Fashion Fest

Our Spooky Fashion Fest was one for the books. Clapper hosted a spooky fashion show where creators dressed in costume and PK Battle with Clapper Creator showed their best runway walk. Some creators did unique face paints such as Frankenstein, a zombie, or a clown, others had whole outfits tailored for this event. The creativity and commitment were evident as the first participants started strutting … Continue reading Clapper Spooky Fashion Fest