What’s Trending On Clapper? #MarchActivities

What’s trending this month? Keep up with Clapper’s latest trends and plan ahead for your content. Make sure you can participate in all the big trends by staying up to date with our brand-new activity updates. Read on March’s new trends with their unique descriptions. #DoTheJig Is your lucky day!🍀 The jig is a traditional Irish dance and this year we want all Clapper Creators … Continue reading What’s Trending On Clapper? #MarchActivities

Announcing Stream To Earn 3.0: Holiday Stream

Stream to Earn began as an anniversary campaign to improve the creator economy. Creators were able to earn up to 15% extra income daily by hosting daily Livestreams. Throughout the month of June 2022, users started earning more on their regular livestreams which led to a second stream to earn: Streams of Summer. The results were absolutely amazing. As we enter the holiday season, we thought … Continue reading Announcing Stream To Earn 3.0: Holiday Stream

Profile Tags 101

Clapper’s Profile Tags feature elevates the way creators find connections and express themselves. With this feature, creators can add tags for their specific interests to their profile and connect with creators all across the world. Keep reading to learn how you can add your own tags and make the most of them! What Are Profile Tags? This feature allows creators to add self-identifying tags to … Continue reading Profile Tags 101

Clapper Spooky Fashion Fest

Our Spooky Fashion Fest was one for the books. Clapper hosted a spooky fashion show where creators dressed in costume and PK Battle with Clapper Creator showed their best runway walk. Some creators did unique face paints such as Frankenstein, a zombie, or a clown, others had whole outfits tailored for this event. The creativity and commitment were evident as the first participants started strutting … Continue reading Clapper Spooky Fashion Fest

Clapper Small Businesses: Get To Know @JDubsArts

For this week’s Clapper Small Businesses, we’re revamping the 4th Clapper Shop featured in this category: @JDubsArts. He was recently interviewed on our new segment called “Shop Live With Clapper”. Keep reading to find out more about his amazing art. Why JDubsArts?✨ JDubs is such a dynamic artist on Clapper. A strong characteristic of his craft is that he can design pretty much anything beyond imagination. … Continue reading Clapper Small Businesses: Get To Know @JDubsArts

Rocktoberfest 2022: The Recap

Rocktoberfest is one of our biggest campaigns of the year. Creators go head to head to win the ultimate Stein Holding Competition. This year we decided not only to have our Stein Holding tradition, but also we incorporated a chicken dance competition where creators who love to dance and have fun could participate as well. This week-long event promoted friendly competition and fun activities for … Continue reading Rocktoberfest 2022: The Recap