Top 10 International Women’s Day Songs On Clapper

For International Women’s Day, we decided one day is not enough to highlight the amazing ladies of our app. We are doing a whole week celebration filled with activities catered to the women of Clapper. What better way to enter the celebration mood than listening to our very own 10 top International Women’s Day songs on Clapper.

This playlist, now available on the Clapper library, is meant to be used for all the content the creators are planning for the week. All of the songs are performed by women, for women. We can’t wait to share it with you all.

We are now bringing an immersive experience to the Clapper Blog, so we have embedded our Spotify Playlist within the article. Now you can read and listen to our trending playlist for Clapper campaigns or holiday songs.

We are so proud to have so many amazing amazing women in this app. Also, we want to also highlight the amazing Clapper ladies that work on Clapper. We love you and appreciate all the hard work you all do. Choose your favorite song from this playlist and use it for your International Women’s Day content. Also, we will play some of these songs in our Women’s Panel today at 5pm CT through @ClapperTalks.

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