The Women Of Clapper #InternationalWomensDay

Women of Clapper are the most dedicated and passionate creators. This International Women’s Day we decided that it was time to highlight them for a whole week. We had an amazing ClapperTalks panel of women on Thursday 10th with Red Headed Rebel, The Bearded Gentleman, Bethany Renea and Juniper Jenn. We talked about their journeys on Clapper and got to know who each was as a person. It was an amazing conversation, however, we are not stoping there.

The team went through our data and curated a list of women who have achieved success in many different ways. We want to shine a light on a few accomplishments from 6 women on this app. The categories are:

  1. Top livestream host
  2. Top Trend Founder
  3. Best Shop Owner
  4. Most Followed Woman
  5. Top 3rdRockMedia Creator
  6. Top Music Creator

Without further ado, these are the winners from each category:

Top Livestream Host

Top Trend Founder

Best Shop Owner

Most Followed Woman

Top 3rdRockMedia Creator

Top Music Creator

Also, we want to remind all of the amazing ladies, that even if you are not on this list you still are so valuable and loved by everyone on Clapper. We want to encourage everyone to keep celebrating the women in their lives all year long. Thank you to all the Women of Clapper!

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