Clapper Small Businesses: Get To Know @Elena_Kirsch

For this week’s Clapper Small Businesses, we’re highlighting the 5th Clapper Shop of this new blog segment: @Elena_Kirsch.

Why Elena_Kirsch?✨

Elena is one of the few embroidery designers here on Clapper who also sells her items on Etsy. She really focuses on creating original pieces that step outside of the norms of regular embroidery. One of the greatest things about her shop is that she takes requests and can create personalized designs in any format you want (A sweater, t-shirt, hats, onesies, etc). She takes inspiration from real-life objects and creatures and she finds a way to make them stand out in the clothing. She truly has a gift for embroidery and we hope she keeps surprising us with her detailed designs. Also, she makes beautiful baby onesies!

Clapper Shop Highlight✨

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  • Sales: 37 sales on ETSY
  • Price range: $7-$39

The Catalog🛍

1# Watercolor Hummingbird

Notes From The Shop Owner:

Inspired by a watercolor portrait of a hummingbird, this design was created to capture the style
and the essence of these amazing birds.

2# Sketched Octopus

Notes From The Shop Owner:

A Baby octopus is one of the most fluid creatures under the sea. This design was created to
capture said fluidity and its vibrant colors.

3# Basset hound

Notes From The Shop Owner:

Puppies are so cute especially when they have super huge floppy ears. A sketched style was
used to give it more of an artistic appearance.

4# Watercolor Heart

Notes From The Shop Owner:

This was made for Valentine’s Day. It’s an anatomically correct heart that has a watercolor style
applied to it as well.

5# Sketched Rooster

Notes From The Shop Owner:

This was a commission for a client of mine that happened to have a rooster with the colors
used. She provided the perfect photo and fell in love with it immediately.

The Process✅

Keep Supporting Small Businesses!✊🏼

Thank you for supporting small businesses on Clapper. This was an amazing creator and shop. If you want to check out more products from this shop, go check @Elena_Kirsch on Clapper.

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