Clapper Announces New Music Feature

Creators have been asking for this for a long time, and it’s finally here! Update 9.1.0 is bringing the music feature on Clapper to another level. Music has been an essential part of content creation. When creating videos, choosing the right song seemed to be a difficult task, sometimes you heard a song and shortly forgot how it was called. This new music feature update will make it easy for creators to access the music that they love without much effort.

Music Identification

Have you ever seen a Clapper video and thought: “Oh, I wish I knew the name of that song”? You can now view the sound title and artist at the bottom of every clapper video. This is an amazing update that gives you the chance to identify the sound that you like and actually use it in your videos automatically. Now, you can also know if the sound used on a video comes from an outside source. If the audio says “original sound”, it means that this creator is the first to create this sound in the app. If you see an artist and a song title, this song is most likely available in the Clapper Song Library.

Find Videos Under A Sound

After finding a sound you like, you can now go into the sound by tapping into the title at the bottom of the video and see who else has used this song or sound. Here you can save the sound by selecting “add to favorites”. Once you’ve added the sounds you can keep scrolling and make your video with that sound later on, or you can use the sound right then.

Save Favorite Sounds

Where do you find all these saved sounds? Easy! Just go ahead and start to make a video on Clapper and on the editing page simply select “sounds”. You are now able to save your favorite sounds in your library. Check out the “Favorites” tab under “Select sounds” to see all the songs you’ve saved.

For more tutorials on this specific feature, check out @ClapperAcademy and @ClapperSound

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