Deep Dive Series with @K.O.P.Music (@King.of.Poetry)

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we are interviewing a talented and entertaining Clapper creator: @K.O.P.Music

@K.O.P.Music is a poet and published author on Clapper. In this Deep Dive interview, he told us about his beginnings as a poet and where he draws inspiration to write those beautiful passages. We got to know about his journey on Clapper and how his community support motivated him to keep going. We are so proud of him, and we want to highlight the book of poems that made him a published author.

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Deep Dive into this amazing creator’s life!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What does a day look like in your life? 

Usually, I’ll sit outside on the deck and just listen to the birds chirp in the morning while I drink my tea and go over ideas of what I am going to do for content. Whether it’s me showing people my writing or newer things that I’ve been doing recently such as engraving. I have actually been turning my poetry into music.

How did you get into poetry? Did you have someone introduce poetry to you or did you discover your passion on your own? 

Back in my last year of middle school, a university came by to do an after-school program. They would do certain projects and one of the volunteers from the university, her brother was actually a published poet. After hearing him, they decided to have my class write poems and they put them all together in a poetry book. That is when I actually started, and it took off from there. I stopped for a couple of years, then once I graduated from high school, I went full force in writing poetry full time.

What is your writing process like? where do you find inspiration?

Usually, if it comes right off the top of my head, I will write it down. If it’s like a couple lines, then right after that it comes pouring right out of me. Most of the time, it comes right from my heart. It depends on the emotion I am feeling.

Who is your favorite poet or writer of all time? 

It’s funny you ask that because my favorite poet of all time is Edgar Allan Poe. The one I love the most, because I can read it over and over, is The Raven. That was one of the most powerful pieces I ever read. Every time I read it, it just blows my mind.

Tell us a little bit about Poetry Slam. Is this a radio? a Livestream? What is it all about?

It’s a Livestream. Actually, I am part of a group of two people on Clapper that have this production company, called Out Of The Dark Productions and Promotions. I actually talked to them about doing poetry slam live. The way it works is that I will do my little intro, I will read one of my poems first, and whoever wants to come up and read they’re more than welcome to. I encourage everything from poetry, music lyrics, and short stories.

So, When did you join Clapper? How did your journey as a creator begin?

I actually joined Clapper on March 18 of last year. At first, I had no clue what I was going to do. I literally did my first video on one of my poems, but I was very isolated. I didn’t really talk to anyone. Eventually, after me and a few people decided to go into lives, I started to meet new people. I met some amazing folks like LDSweets, JDubs, Bradley, Rita, Brendan, Hookah, Lilariesdevil, and all these people I’ve met on Clapper. I know I can go to any one of these people, ask them for advice or just have a conversation. The whole year I’ve been on Clapper, my mind has expanded with so much creativity. I now don’t just have poetry videos, but also videos about mental health, me doing paintings and engraving. I got an ecletic of different things going on my profile.

What is your favorite feature on the app? 

My favorite feature of the app is the radio feature. It’s better for a community instead of going live because you can only have one person. In radios, you can actually utilize the whole thing and let everybody speak. Everyone has a voice. It gives people the opportunity to say what they gotta say instead of just typing.

What advice would you give new users that want to be successful on Clapper? 

There is actually a word I always live by and I’ve actually used it in some of my videos. It’s Carpe Diem. Don’t let someone else’s negativity bring down something you enjoy.

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