Clapper Pride Month: Stand Tall and Proud🏳️‍🌈

One year ago we were celebrating Pride Month for the first time. This year we decided to make it the biggest celebration of the month of June. We have so many special LQBTQ+ creators and allies on Clapper. Because of this, we want to celebrate all queer queens and kings in the most special way: A Pride Parade. Yes, you heard us right. We are organizing a Clapper Pride Parade where all creators from all backgrounds will jump on a Livestream and show all of their colors and pride.

Clapper Parade🦄

The parade will take place Saturday, June 11th, from 11am to 1pm CST. Creators will go live and celebrate pride in the most unique way. Each Livestream will represent its own float, so the creators need to get creative with lively decorations and colorful costumes. Starting at 11 am, attendees will start at the first live and go through the different livestreams to check out all the floats.

Creators will then vote on which floats they liked the most. The votes will be decided depending on which Livestream earns the most during those 2 hours.

To be an official Livestream float at the parade make sure you sign in here.

Clapper Pride Panel

Instead of our regular Clapper Talks Radio, we will have a Pride Panel with some amazing creators to talk about what this month means to them. Some of our guests of honor will be:




Stay tuned for the rest of our panelists!

Clapper Pride Badge

This will appear in the bottom left corner of your profile.

Pride creators will receive a pride badge on their profile picture for the whole month of June. How do you get one? On your profile make sure to include keywords that identify your identity or simply put the pride flag emoji “🏳️‍🌈”. Then, the system will automatically give you a badge.

Clapper Pride Playlist🏳️‍🌈

The celebration is not complete without a little music to jam to. We’ve created a Pride playlist available on the Clapper music library to use for all your pride videos. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to use #ClapperPride to share what “Pride means to you” and #Clapperparade for your content during this month.