Stream To Earn: Go Live, Earn More

For the upcoming month, you will be able to Stream To Earn more on your livestreams. As a pre-anniversary gift, we decided to do a special campaign in which creators have the opportunity to earn up to 15% extra income daily. All you have to do is Livestream. We couldn’t wait until July 22 to start our birthday celebration, so we decided to start a month in advance. The exact starting date for this campaign will be coming soon.

What Is “Stream To Earn”?💸

Each day, creators need to go live and reach 1 of 2 daily diamond targets. If they reach either of those targets, they will receive an extra bonus on top of their next day’s earnings. The daily targets are:

10,000 Diamonds = 1% Extra Bonus

30,000 Diamonds = 3% Extra Bonus

Every day you reach any of those targets, you will earn either a 1% or 3% extra bonus on your next day’s income. For this campaign, you can’t exceed from 15% extra bonus.

What Happens If You Don’t Reach the Daily Target?🎯

Just like you can accumulate extra bonus percentage, you can lose extra bonus percentage. The extra bonus depends on your daily targets. If you don’t achieve a daily diamond target (10,000 or 30,000 diamonds on a Livestream), then your bonus will be reduced by 1% the next day. Don’t worry though. Your regular percentage cut is still 35% and it will never go down from there. It can only increase or stay the same. It’s completely up to you how much you can increase it.

How Will the Event Work?🎙

This is an example of how the extra bonus percentages can be added and subtracted:

Monday: I livestreamed and earn 30,000 Diamonds. I will be rewarded a 3% Extra Bonus on top of my regular earnings the next day.

Tuesday: I earn 5,000 Diamonds (which is less than the daily target) and earn that additional 3% from Monday. However, since I did not reach the daily targets (10,000 or 30,000 diamonds), my Wednesday Bonus will reduce from 3% to 2%.

Wednesday: I earn 10,000 Diamonds. I am only able to receive 2% from earnings, because of that 1% taken away on Tuesday. Since I reached the daily target, of 10,000 diamonds, my extra bonus will increase from 2% to 3% on Thursday.

Bottom line: It will increase or decrease depending on reaching those daily diamond targets every single day.

Extra Helpful Information✅

  • Rewards will refresh every day at 0:00 PST.
  • The final interpretation of this event is reserved to Clapper.
  • The event is not related to Apple
  • To learn how to be a successful Livestream Host and reach those daily targets read our Go Live Like A Pro article.

Enjoy and go live! What are you waiting for? Let’s see who is the top earner for the month of June!

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