Rocktoberfest 2.0: The Awaited Stein-holding Competition

Rocktoberfest is back and better than ever! We are bringing back the event that united creators from all over the world together. This week-long event was one of the first campaigns Clapper created to promote friendly competition and fun activities for our Clapper community. However, we didn’t anticipate the friendships that were born from this competition and the powerful community that showed up for their favorite creators.

Rocktoberfest will start on October 10th and end on October 14th.

Stein-Holding Tournament🍺🏆

During our Stein Holding Tournament, 16 participants will go on PK Battles and hold a stein full of beer for as long as they can. In each round, two competitors will try to hold the stein until one of them gets tired or quits. The winner for each round will go on to the next round until we have only one winner amongst all 16 contestants. The rules are as follows:

  • Competitors must use the stein provided by Clapper.
  • PK Battles will consist of three rounds (5 minutes each). The creator that wins 2 out of 3 wins.
  • The competitor must have their arm straight out at shoulder level while holding the stein of beer.
  • Competitors must hold the handle of the stein for the entire duration of the challenge.
  • No elbows can be bent.
  • Your arm must stay parallel to the ground.
  • No beer can be spilled.

If you want to participate, sign-up by filling out this form. The sign-up will be first come, first served. So, hurry up if you want to be part of the tournament. The deadline to apply is September 24th.

Stein Tournament Schedule🗓

There will be 16 participants in the competition. This is how the four rounds will be divided into five days:

Round 1

Monday (October 10): There will be 4 livestreams and 8 creators competing.

Tuesday (October 11): There will be 4 livestreams and the next 8 creators.

Round 2

Wednesday (October 12): There will be 4 livestreams and 8 creators competing.

Round 3

Thursday (October 13): These are the semi-finals. Four creators, two livestreams, and two winners.

The Final Duel🥊

Friday (October 14): The final round where we will get our champion!

Chicken Dance Competition🐔

Not into that gym life? We got you. Not everyone was born to hold a heavy stein, so we also created a fun chicken dance competition, where creators will also be paired up on PK Battles. The best dancer out of three rounds will be deemed the winner. Get ready to get your dance on!

(You can also apply on our Stein application if you want to participate in this activity.)

Top Gifter Prize🎁

This is our way of giving back to the people who show up and support participants by gifting on Livestreams. During every single Livestream, our participants will send us screenshots of their top gifters. By the end of the week, on October 14th, we will track who was the top gifter during the whole event and they will receive a special surprise during the Finale!

This Rocktoberfest is looking to be such a fun event and a amazing opportunity for new creators to increase their visibility and find their community. We’ll see you there!

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