Clapper Small Businesses: Get To Know @JDubsArts

For this week’s Clapper Small Businesses, we’re revamping the 4th Clapper Shop featured in this category: @JDubsArts. He was recently interviewed on our new segment called “Shop Live With Clapper”. Keep reading to find out more about his amazing art.

Why JDubsArts?✨

JDubs is such a dynamic artist on Clapper. A strong characteristic of his craft is that he can design pretty much anything beyond imagination. He sent a special glass cup to the Clapper Team, where he drew cartoon versions of our community managers, as well as Clapper designs all throughout. He is truly talented. He’s recognized for drawing many pop-culture characters, but his brush can create anything his audience requests. Our favorite thing about his shop is the attention to detail that he puts on every single one of his art pieces. Without further introduction, enjoy his shop!

Clapper Shop Highlight✨

  • Rating: 5.0⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Sales:71
  • Price range: $15-$425

The Catalog🛍

1# Personalized Shot Glasses

You can order your personalized shot glass and work closely with Jdubs to bring your vision to life.

Notes From The Shop Owner:

“This custom order came from creator Ahnnie Buttars. She’s actually making a JDubsArts-inspired cookie and this will be featured on her cooking show.”

2# Sugar Skull Giveaway

This beautiful sugar skull that glows in the dark was part of an amazing giveaway. Each purchase was a ticket to enter in drawing to win this beautiful piece of art

Notes From The Shop Owner

“The attention to detail is very important. I use a small brush but even then I take my time with it.” -From Shop Live With Clapper.

3# Feather Acrylic painting

These majestic feather acrylics are so beautiful. The vibrant colors and brush movements make every piece so unique.

4# Psychodelic Acrylic Paintings

Jdubs really has a talent to choose bright complementary colors and know exactly how to show depth and contrast to these abstract paintings.

5# Personalized Mug Designs

Just like the shot glasses, you can either buy the models in the shop or you can ask Jdubs for a personalized design for your mug.

The Process✅

Keep Supporting Small Businesses!✊🏼

Thank you for supporting small businesses on Clapper. This was an amazing creator and shop. If you want to check out more products from this shop, go check JDubsArtss on Clapper.

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