The title of the article, "Holidays to Celebrate this November (Besides Thanksgiving)" surrounded by autumn leaves.

Holidays to Celebrate this November (Besides Thanksgiving)

In America, there’s no bigger November holiday than Thanksgiving. Like its predecessor Halloween and successor Christmas, it can be all-consuming from the start of the month to the end. But it’s not the only holiday in November – far from it, actually! Today, we’re sharing a few other holidays you may overlook this month.

Dia de Los Muertos

A gif of an ofrenda with a picture of the deceased, candles, and marigolds.

Originating in Mexico, Dia de Los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) is a holiday of remembrance on November 1st and 2nd. It’s believed that spirits are able to cross over and visit their loved ones on this day. Families build ofrendas (private alters for the deceased, often including photos and food), visit loved ones in cemeteries, decorate their graves, and spend the day celebrating their lives. Take a second to read up on the Day of the Dead and its history in this post from last year!

Go to An Art Museum Day

A gif from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Danny DeVito is walking around an art gallery and insulting the pieces on show.

November 9th is Go to an Art Museum Day. Not everyone will have an art museum or gallery nearby, but that’s no excuse to not celebrate! Google some famous artists and take a look at their paintings; find a few virtual tours (we found ones for the MoMa, The Lourve, and the Rijksmuseum); buy from a local artist; even paint something yourself! The options are endless.

November 17th

A gif of Drew Barrymore in an apron and hair net, throwing a handful of flour onto a pile of dough.

There are two holidays on November 17th that we had to mention: National Baklava Day and National Bread Day. Baklava can trace its roots back to the Ottoman Empire and is a pastry typically made of layers of filo dough, chopped nuts, and syrup or honey. Great British Baking Show fans have heard it mentioned more than a few times! And bread…well, who doesn’t love bread?

Odd Socks Day

A gif of a purple sock puppet making a confused or agitated face.

You heard that right! There’s a whole day dedicated to celebrating quirky socks on November 21st. You’ve got to have a pair of fun socks, and we think you should show them off! Model your socks for your Clapper fam or tell us why you love them so much.

Native American Heritage Day

A gif of two Native American people dancing in traditional clothing.

The Friday after Thanksgiving (November 25th this year) is Native American Heritage Day. This holiday honors the first Americans and recognizes the challenges they have (and currently still) faced and the significant contributions they made to the establishment of the US. Take this day to research the tribes that were originally in your area, learn about their culture and history, and find ways to give back to the Native American community.

Whether you need to shake off a Halloween hangover or find something to tide you over before the big feast, there are five new reasons to celebrate this month.