Clapper Sounds with NeonHoneyMusic

For our 15th Clapper Sounds Interview, we’re highlighting Australian musician and Clapper Creator: NeonHoneyMusic!

NeonHoney has been performing and writing songs since she was a teenager. She now produces and releases her own music as an independent artist. Her style is alternative and acoustic, mixed with dreamy musical compositions. This mix creates a resonance that makes you think about her music long after you’ve stopped listening– just like her own experience with her father’s guitar! In this interview, we talked about her journey, inspiration, and her songwriting and recording process.

Without imagination and inspiration from nature, friends and family there isn’t much to write about.

Clapper Sounds is meant to be an intimate musical experience, and we want that mission to translate into our written interviews too. As you read about @NeonHoneyMusic, play her music in the background and really get to know this artist’s unique sound.

Let’s start from the beginning. What is your first memory of being involved with music? How did you start your artist journey?

From an early age I loved to dance and sing and took a particular liking to my father’s guitar. I remember when I was really little I would strum the strings and run away, completely overwhelmed by the acoustics and resonance….

I knew there was some kind of Magic happening when I would touch the guitar. My dad introduced me to rock music, which sparked my interest in alternative sounds. My mother introduced me to a range of pop music, and I remember one day singing the words to a Supertramp song in the car from start to finish. She asked, “How do you know this song?” and I remember she was amazed that I knew every single word. And that was when I realized that I have a special gift when it comes to remembering lyrics. It’s like a second language to me.

How would you describe your musical style? Who are your biggest inspirations?

I have a love for all music. Sometimes I just really resonate with this song and it doesn’t have to be specific genre. I either fall in love with it or I don’t. But if I had to choose a specific genre, definitely alternative music. I loved alternative rock and grew up listening to a range of artists from Chili Peppers to Madonna. When I was a teenager I really loved listening to music my sister introduced me to, like Incubus, LINKIN PARK. I think I get a lot of my vocal inspiration from artists like Amy Lee from Evanescence and Killing Heidi from Australia. I’ve also been told that my music is very similar to Tori Amos and has a 90s vibe to it.

What is your songwriting process like?

Before I recorded and produced my own music on Logic & Abelton, I used to write most of my songs with just my guitar, my vocals and a notepad. Now that I use recording software I usually start with synths in pianos and then create extra layers from there. When I’m writing music, I record it and create a polished product from start to finish. I skip the demo completely as I find it’s just a waste of time! Much more efficient to use a metronome straight up and get the tracks down and record clean vocal takes from start to finish!

What are your thoughts on content creation as an artist? How do you feel about artists having to balance their social media presence and still be committed to their art?

Creating content can be easy if you have everything set up ready to go. Usually, I record a little segment of my song after I finish writing it. I feel like it’s good to post regularly, etc., but it’s also not the end of the world if you don’t feel like doing it for a week or so here and there. I don’t like to be a slave to my phone, and make a point to put it down after I’ve created content and I won’t touch it for a few hours or so. In my opinion, people these days have toxic obsessions with their devices and it separates us from self and being present to world around us. Without imagination and inspiration from nature, friends and family there isn’t much to write about.

Do you have any side hustles other than music?

Music is full time for me. I could do up to 20 gigs in a month which is a great source of income for me. Also, I tune pianos from time to time and help my partner out with his piano business, “The Piano Rescuers”. I plan on building up my fanbase and streaming platforms, and hopefully that will give me a passive income. I have to put all the hard work in now while I have the time and hopefully it will pay off in future.

Deciding to be an artist can have its ups and downs. What advice would you give to that young artist who is just learning to play guitar, or starting singing lessons and whose dream is to be a musician?

My advice to musicians is to definitely start learning how to record/produce your own music. It saves time, money and gives your feeling of independence. Being an indie artist is where it’s at, and learning to get the job done for yourself is very satisfying. I would also advise to just lead with your heart and do what comes natural. Establishing your brand can be tricky, as we as individuals change all the time. Don’t be afraid to be who you want to be. Experiment with a range of genres like pop, alt, rock, metal or electronic music. Find your rhythm, then just live it and embrace it…don’t be afraid to express yourself! Just do it.

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