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Things To Do on Thanksgiving Besides Watching TV

There’s hardly a family that passes Thanksgiving without turning the TV on. Whether you watch (and rewatch) the parade, wait all year for the Westminster Dog Show, or spend the evening glued to the game, it can be easy to get lost in the screen. Here’s a list of 15 things you can do (by yourself or with others) to spice up your holiday and get you away from your typical screen time.

Hit some classics!🏈

A gif of Winston from New Girl; he's at a table, holding a knife and a fork, and asking "when can we start eating?"

  • Head outside! Play a (gentle) game of football, go for a walk, or read a book on your patio.
  • Give back. Check in your area to see what local charities might need some extra hands. Your local soup kitchen or shelters are great places to start.
  • Put together a jigsaw puzzle. It doesn’t have to be hard or even seasonally appropriate; I’ll probably be working on this one!
  • Play neighborhood bingo. People-watch with a purpose and compete to see who can bingo the fastest. Let the winner do something fun, like make their plate first or decide what movie everyone watches.
  • December kick-off. Bust out the décor, make some eggnog, or start a movie marathon. Let the holidays begin!

Quality time with the family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

A black and white gif of an old family photo. Three young children are piled in a hammock together, smiling and talking. The animation makes the hammock look like it is rocking.

  • Create a family tree. Gather around and see how far back (and how widely) your family can trace their lineage. Bonus points if someone sits out and you make it a game!
  • Play a guessing game. Think Newlyweds game, where people are paired together and answer questions about each other’s preferences or past, but it’s your cousin trying to remember what you majored in.
  • Window shop. Check out all the Black Friday deals and come up with your ultimate wishlist. Don’t worry about keeping it realistic; just figure out what you’d want.
  • Write “Thank You” notes. Pick someone present at your Thanksgiving and write them a quick note – or write one for someone else in your life!
  • Introduce your family to social media. Hop on Clapper and scroll through your favorite communities with your family members. Maybe grandma can jump on a live and tell some stories. Go, grannie!

For those ready to PAR-TAY!🍷🍸🍹

A gif of Spongebob Squarepants cooking; he is in a chef hat and stirring a bowl of something as a book sits open in front of him. He pauses to taste what he is mixing.

  • Make apple cider. It’s warm, it’s cozy, it makes the whole house smell nice, and you can add alcohol. There’s nothing better.
  • Become a (temporary) mixologist. Gather whatever alcohol you have in the house and make some on-the-fly drink recipes. Make it a competition and have a judge.
  • Play a family drinking game. Every time a family member says something cringy, drink. Every time aunt Karen judges your life decisions lately, drink. Any time someone asks a question about your dating life, DRINK! You set the rules and get ready for a good time.

For the tech-savvy🤳🏼

A gif of a miniature office space, filled with kittens. Some are in little chairs, others are leaning on their desks, and several slowly turn to look at the camera (Including one in a headset).

  • Critique other people’s Thanksgivings. Whether you turn on Food Network, scroll through the #HolidayCooking tag, or reminisce on years past, check out what everyone else did. It can get you inspired for next year or make you really thankful that your dad knows how to make the perfect macaroni and cheese.
  • Jump on a live. Check in with your Clapper Fam and see what they’ve been up to. Snack on leftovers together or take them along for one of the activities above!
  • Take a virtual tour. One “good” thing to come out of the past two years has been the rise in virtual tours. See which museums or galleries offer free tours and spend some time exploring.

No matter how you Thanksgiving, we’re thankful to have you as part of the Clapper fam! Without your support, suggestions, and sidesplitting content, we wouldn’t be here. We wish you and your family a happy (and safe!) holiday!