How to Make Your Clapper Shop Stand Out

‘Tis the season for selling! With the Holiday Bazaar fast approaching and everyone hunting for just the right gift, now is the perfect time to try out something new in your shop. It’s essential that your shop stands out from the others and that your products get customers excited to shop with you. Easier said than done, I know, but I’ve got some ideas to help you pique people’s interests!

The Clapper Shop: Special Sales and Promotion Ideas💡

There are many ways you can promote your shop during the holidays. These are just a few ideas so you get your Clapper Shop to the next level:

Run a Sale🛍

The first thing that you can do is offer a sale or discount on your most popular items! This can be 50% off certain products, a buy-one-get-one deal, or anything that will make your items feel like a steal.

It’s almost impossible to resist a good deal, and you’ll also catch the eye of people that can’t help but impulse spend. Plus, it lets you show off some of your best offerings and gets them into the hands of more buyers.

Flaunt Your Favorite Products⭐️

If you already feel that your most popular item gets enough attention, try pivoting. Because you definitely have items in your shop that you love more than others. Why not show them off and create a bundle dedicated to…well, you? Bundle your two or three (or more, it’s up to you!) favorite items together and sell them in a special offer.

Make it extra special by giving them a theme, like art with similar subjects, or bundling stationary and office essentials together.

Surprise Them!😱

Want to add a bit extra spice to your shop? Try offering an item that’s a complete surprise to the buyer – like a mystery box. This is a good way to do it:

  1. Set a price range and include examples of what they’ll receive.
  2. Don’t tell them exactly what will be included in their gift. This might help you move some of the stock you have lying around and let your customers test out something they might not have otherwise bought!
  3. Give buyers the option to share a little more about themselves. This will help you pick an item better suited to them and will make the mystery more personalized.
  4. When you pack the item and get ready to ship it, you can even include a little note about why you chose the item for them. That unique, individualized touch can leave a lasting impression on your buyers.

Personalized Auction🤳🏼

Few things get buyers more excited than a one-of-a-kind item…except maybe a little competition! Try holding an auction or letting shoppers bid over a custom item. You can use Shop Live to promote it, show off some actual examples, and discuss how it will be customized. Even though there will only be one winner, you’ll spread the word about your shop and have new customers queueing up to place an order. There’s nothing like a little urgency to encourage people to buy, buy, buy!

Host a Giveaway🎁

Something else that grabs people’s attention? Giveaways! This season, try hosting a giveaway for people who purchase a certain amount of product or spread the word about your shop. You get to decide how someone’s put into the running and what they get, but be sure to promote it. Go on live to show off the item you’re giving away and encourage people to enter.

Make Your Deals Stand Out!🎙👋🏼

You might have a good plan, but how do you attract those customers to your killer deals? It’s all about promo, promo, and promo! The most important part of your holiday deals is how you present them to your audience. Make sure your graphics, wording, and promo content are at the top of their game:

Quality Images Are Essential📸

  • Sides, Angles, and Lighting: When taking pictures of your products, be sure to get different sides and angles. It’s all about showing off the item, and you do not want customers to be surprised when it arrives. You can even try out different backgrounds or lighting to help potential buyers get a better idea of what the item looks like in real life!
  • Sizing: Additionally, even if you list the size in the description, try including a size comparison picture. Whether you hold the item or have a ruler beside it, these pictures are super helpful. They keep buyers from being confused about the actual size of what they’re purchasing.
  • Graphics: If the product is a personalized item you have not created yet, a flashy graphic with bright colors might do the trick. Make it stand out as much as possible and make sure to include words like SALE, 50% OFF, CUSTOM, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, etc.

Choose Your Words Wisely✍🏼

  • Titles: Titles on your Clapper Shop are what draw the customer to check out a product. Just like in your promo Graphics include the following phrases as it relates to your personalized deal:
    • 1$ BID FOR $200 PAINTING
  • Descriptions: Be as clear as possible. Always include what’s in it for the customer first or you will lose them within the first few seconds. Remember the most relevant information first, the most specific information at the bottom. Short spans, am I right?

Promo, Promo, Promo!👍🏼

With so many different options on Clapper to promote your deals, our only recommendation would be: Use them all!

  • Promote it on your daily livestreams (If you don’t know how to promote your shop live, go here)
  • Promote on radio
  • Make 3 to 5 videos talking about your holiday sales.
  • Send daily reminders in your group chats
  • Have your community help you spread the word and give them a shout-out when they do!

Wrap It Up With Top Notch Customer Service🫱🏻‍🫲🏽

If you don’t already, list a turnaround time for the items you sell in their product description. Give shoppers a rough idea of how long it will take you to make the item, then how long shipping will take. Not only are some customers less likely to buy if they don’t know how long they’ll have to wait for their order, but this keeps confused customers from asking about their package while you’re still working on it. It also gives you a bit of a deadline to work toward, which can be an incredible motivator!

If you have time, reach out to customers before you ship their items to confirm their addresses. This cuts down on any little errors either of you might have made. Plus, it lets them know they can get excited about their order!

Holiday Bazaar🎄

Our last tip is to check out the Holiday Bazaar! While the application window has closed, you can still use the event to your advantage and go live on your own. People will already be perusing and looking to support Clapper creators and their shops, so check the schedule and go live when you have time. This is the perfect opportunity to mention any special sales or bundles you’ve got going on!

Going live also lets you take part in the Holiday Stream, where creators can earn a bonus on all the diamonds they collect during a lifetime. Learn more about the Holiday Stream and how you can get a bonus just by going live here!

While these ideas aren’t limited to the holiday season, they’ll definitely help you draw in more customers. But how else can you help your shop stand out from the throng? We’ve come armed with some tactics you can test out this year!

Want to learn more about the Clapper Shop and how to list your first items? Check out the announcement and FAQ on our blog!