Gift Ideas For Clapper Content Creators

Christmas is only a month away! Do you know what gadgets you’re hoping to see under the tree? We’ve compiled a list of techy gifts perfect for the creator in your life. Whether you need to snag something for a loved one or want to beef up your own list, here are 10 items we recommend!

Not a creator, but still like having a plethora of gizmos? We’ve got you covered, too!

Selfie Light & Phone Holder. 🤳

This super portable and flexible clip on stand is perfect for live streaming or hands-free filming.

Travel Tech Kit. 🧳

Whether you travel for your videos or just have a lot of chords to keep track of, this tech case will make it a breeze.

3-in-1 Charging Station.⚡

Keep your most essential tech tools altogether as they recharge.

Phone Camera Lenses. 📸

Your phone camera is unbelievably powerful, but it can’t do everything. This set of three lenses can handle whatever you want to capture.

Tripod w/Remote. 📹

This tripod is portable, easy to set up, and comes with a remote so you can shoot from far off.

Adobe’s Premiere Rush. 🎞️

Most creators use some kind of video editing software. Gift them one of the best this year!

Microphone Set. 🎙️

Clear audio is essential no matter what content you create. Seriously, you’ll never know what a difference this makes until you hear it for yourself!

Daily Planner. 🖊️

Perfect for planning out filming days or balancing life and social media. It’s never easy, but visualizing a schedule can make managing it so much easier.

Build Your Own Speaker/Radio. 📻

Admittedly, I’m not 100% sure if this is essential for a creator. But it sure would be a fun way to spend a live – and you’d end up with a cool new speaker!

Phone Mount. 🤯

We’ve shared two other ways to record hands-free, but this phone mount will track you as you move. Perfect for dance parties or creators that just have to keep moving.

Portable Charger.🔋

Never be caught with a dead phone again!

Below are five gifts that might not take your content creation to the next level, but will definitely step up your tech game.

Breo Box. 🎁

Stay up to date with all the newest gadgets with this incredible subscription box.

Draft Beer Dispenser. 🍻

Nothing beats watching the bar tender pour a cold beer right out of the tap. Now you can get that experience from the comfort of your home!

Game of Phones. 📱

This game takes you and your friends on a scavenger hunt through your phones. It’s a great way to connect and get to know everyone around you.

Bluetooth Beanie. 🎧

This beanie has two speakers built-in right where your ears sit. No need to worry about forgetting your headphones!

VR Headset. 🕹️

Have you wanted to try a new gaming format or test out VR? This headset is affordable, comfortable, and compatible across multiple devices!