Holiday Bazaar 2022: The Lineup

There’s nothing like the personalities you meet at a Christmas market. Whether they’re perfectly practiced carolers or jolly bystanders, there’s someone on every corner for you to chat with. We’re excited to bring the same energy into our Holiday Bazaar! Throughout the week, the shop will get three special visitors on each Livestream: @ClapperCreator, entertainers, and hosts. Each visitor will join the shops to promote and encourage sales from each shop.


During the Holiday Bazaar, each shop will go live with an entertainer or a “host”. Hosts are personalities who know exactly how to keep a Livestream entertained. They will help ask the audience questions, create fun activities and help shop owners promote their shops. Each Livestream will last around 20 minutes, then the host will move on to the next Livestream and will highlight the next shop. Hosts will go live with three different shops each day.


While you scroll through and shop with your favorite creators, our talented performers will also go live with the shops to help bring a little extra holiday cheer to the bazaar. These entertainers are there to put on a show and bring more engagement into the Livestream.  Each performance will last 15 minutes – just long enough for you to drop in and laugh at a good joke or hear your favorite Christmas song.

The Official Lineup

Without further ado, let us present our official hosts and entertainers for the holiday bazaar, 2022. 
















Devine Dutch Diva



Make sure to check their profiles and their official schedule.

The Holiday Bazaar Catalog🎁

You can browse through the shops we’ll be featuring this year in our 2022 Holiday Bazaar Catalog! We’ll be featuring creators from all across the platform selling a wide variety of products. There are books, knitwear, art, and a few sexy items for the adventurous. 🌶️ Get your wish list ready!

Charity Donations: North Texas Food Bank 🥫

Each Holiday Bazaar, we like to work with a local non-profit to help spread the word about their work and add a little extra goodness to the season. This year we’re partnering with the North Texas Food Bank. To learn more about their mission and how they help the North Texas community, visit the North Texas Food Bank and tune into a special Clapper Talks interview with NTFB representative, Haley Lacoumeon on Thursday, Dec 8th at 5pm CST on @ClapperTalks radio!

The 2022 Holiday Bazaar Charity Auction 💰

What’s Christmas without giving back? On December 9th at 6pm, we’ll be auctioning off special items on @ClapperCreator’s Livestream. This year, 100% of our earnings will go to the North Texas Food Bank.

The Holiday Bazaar will take place from December 5th – December 9th, from 12pm to 5pm each day. If you want to know the times and days each entertainer or host will be live during the Holiday Bazaar, check the live schedule here.

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