Holiday Bazaar 2022 Recap

Our Holiday Bazaar 2022 has finally come to an end. While we’re sad to see it go, there is so much to celebrate! This year, Clapper Shop owners went live for five days, partnering with hosts, entertainers, and @ClapperCreator to show off their favorite products.

We were so impressed by our vendors and their offerings (some team members even made purchases during the week!), and forever grateful to the hosts and entertainers that helped shoppers get into the holiday spirit. We had so much fun dropping into each Shop Live and hanging out with y’all!

This year’s Holiday Bazaar lasted from December 5th to December 9th, with creators going live between 12pm and 5pm CST each day. To cap off the event, Clapper held a live auction on December 9th at 6pm CST and gave away some donated and digital goodies to the lucky winners! The best part? Every single purchase went toward an incredible cause.

The Impact 💝

Photo by The North Texas Food Bank. (2020)

This year, Clapper was beyond proud to partner with a local non-profit, The North Texas Food Bank. The NTFB serves 13 counties and over 400 partner agencies all across North Texas. Through fundraisers, community donations, and food purchases, they’re able to donate 10-12 million meals to those in need each month. We gave all of Clapper’s earnings from shop sales (5%) and 100% of our earnings from the live auction to the NTFB. If you’d like to read more about this organization and the work they’re doing to close the hunger gap, check out our Deep Dive Series.

But, what was the final outcome? You may ask. Well, the Clapper community raised $949.54 which is equivalent to 2850 meals that the NTFB will be able to provide for families in need in the North Texas area.

The Vendors 🛒

It’s been a week, and we still can’t stop talking about the shops! There were live poetry readings, daily item reveals, and giveaways – the week sped by and we are so grateful to our vendors for making this year memorable. We divided the vendors into five categories: wearables, art, mixed media, body care, and homewares. If you’d like to hear more about each of these shops and what they’re selling, check out the Holiday Bazaar Catalog or give these vendors a follow on Clapper!















The Hosts and Entertainers 🎙️

During the Holiday Bazaar, each vendor went live with a host or entertainer to help spread the word about their products. The hosts also made sure the Livestream was exciting and entertaining and helped vendors answer viewer questions. We owe a HUGE thank you to this incredible lineup of creators that spent their time with us this week!






@Devine Dutch Diva













The Auction 🎅

In addition to selling their products on Shop Live, a number of our vendors donated items from their shops to our live charity auction. The Clapper team (in between bidding for items on their personal devices, of course) also auctioned off digital offerings and accepted donations for the NTFB. Lucky bidders snagged amazing items, here are some of them:

  1. Clapper coloring book
  2. Flogger set
  3. A special shoutout from @ClapperCreator
  4. A Sunflower Apron with Pockets

We have to give a special shout-out to @AshmarLiving for donating multiple times during the auction. She donated enough to provide over 100 meals to those in need!

Holiday Bazaar 2022 Recap Video 🎄

Go check it out on Clapper.