Clapper’s Battle of the Carols Recap

This year, @ClapperSounds hosted our first ever Battle of the Carols! We had so much fun listening to everyone’s entries, and the special Radio on Wednesday definitely turned into an office-wide dance party. I’m excited to share the results and give the winner a special shout out, but for those of you that might not have heard about it…

What was the #BattleoftheCarols? 🎶

We challenged Clapper users (musicians and non-musicians alike!) to write their own original Christmas carol or remix their favorite jingle and share it in our music library. The challenge ran for two weeks, and whoever’s song had the most uses by the end would be our winner.

On December 28th, @ClapperSounds and @ClapperTalks teamed up in a live radio to celebrate all of the entrants, announce the winner of the challenge, and share these new Christmas classics!

The Carolers 🧑‍🎤

We had 6 entries in our first ever Battle of the Carols. In total, Clapper users created 282 videos using these jingles! You can listen to each one below.

Christmas Day’s Devine by

Christmas Junk by Original_YT_Papa 

Happy Christmas Everyone by Sindabs

I Do Remember by EmmaHuntArtist

Kiki’s Christmas Song by Queenager

That Was Christmas to Me by pattystefan 

We played each carol live and invited its author to come up and share more about their creative process. We loved sharing all of these carols with the Clapper community and hearing about what went into each one. There are some new Christmas classics in these entries, for sure!

But as much as we loved all of these carols, there could only have one winner…

The Winner 🏆

In a surprise twist, “Christmas Day’s Devine” by and “That Was Christmas to Me” by pattystefan tied for first place! Our audience members got to vote on who they wanted to take home the gold. After a tense bout of vote counting… won the battle! And 5,000 Clapper coins! 🎉

The Clapper team wants to give another huge THANK YOU to everyone who created a song for this contest! And to everyone who used one of these carols in their videos this month. Y’all made this season extra special, and we cannot think of a better way to end the year.

If you’d like to stay up to date with musicians on Clapper and our future musical challenges, give @ClapperSounds a follow!