Clapper Presents: Battle Of The Carols

There are so many incredible singers and songwriters on the Clapper app that we had to think of a special way to make them shine this year. At the same time, we couldn’t let Christmas pass without jamming to our favorite Christmas songs. So we’ve combined both of these into the Battle Of The Carols, an event hosted by @ClapperSounds!

Teams of songwriters will go head to head to see who can write the best Christmas carol. Each team will write, record, and submit an original Christmas carol through the application form, then our panel of distinguished Christmas music experts (@ClapperSounds, @ClapperTalks, and @ClapperCreator, of course) will listen to and judge each entry. Winners could make us feel holly and jolly, might make us belly laugh, or may have us shedding tears over a gift we never received. Your options for content are endless and we can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Winners will be announced LIVE on @ClapperSounds radio on December 28th at 5pm CST. We’ve got incredible prizes in store for all of our entrants (including Clapper coins!) and the application for carolers is still open! Read on to learn about how you can enter and what you could win.

The Rules✅

Teams of carolers must write and perform an original holiday carol or Christmas jingle. Songs MUST be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes, and they MUST be holiday themed. All genres are welcome, and remixes or rewrites of traditional holiday carols are accepted. Carols should be submitted in an MP3 format through this official form. If you’d like to learn more about the rules, check out this video on @ClapperSounds. SUBMISSIONS CLOSE ON DECEMBER 16, 2022.

The Teams👭

You can form a team with any of your friends on the app! Don’t feel restricted to who you can meet with in person or even who’s in your time zone. Find people you have fun with or have always wanted to collaborate with. Two heads (or more) are always better than one, and your carol will benefit from the imaginations of an entire team.

Prefer to go it alone? You can do that, too! We definitely recommend teaming up with a few creators (3-6 team members are a great number to shoot for!) so you can all bounce ideas off each other, get extra creative together, and build your community on the app.

The Application🤳🏼

Only 1 team member will need to fill out and submit the Battle Of The Carols application form for the entire group. To submit the application, be sure that you have…

  • The name of your group. Get creative and have fun coming up with your name!
  • The names of each of your team members.
  • The carol you’ll be performing.
  • Your team’s availability for the awards ceremony and performance on December 16th.
  • The link to your video on Clapper shows your team’s audition.
  • Any additional information you’d like to share!

You can submit your team’s application for carolers here!

The Judging🤔

Every submitted carol will be included in the #BattleOfTheCarols playlist, premiering on the Clapper Sounds Library on December 19th. The goal of this contest is to get as many creators to use your sound as possible! Spread the Christmas cheer and your musical talent by using your own song in some of your videos and getting your friends to do the same. The winning carol will be the one with the most uses by December 28th at 2pm CST. So you and your team will have 2 weeks to promote your song and make your work a staple of everyone’s FYP!

The #BattleOfTheCarols Awards🏆

Even though we can only have one winning team, we’ve got something special for all our entrants! Every team will have their carol played live on @ClapperSounds’ radio on December 28th at 5pm CST. The Clapper team will be gathered ’round the (metaphorical) fire to celebrate each team and jam out to every jingle. Once we’ve seen all the incredible talent and gotten back into the festive swing, we’ll announce the winners.

The winning team will receive 5,000 Clapper coins! And all entries will be included in the #BattleOfTheCarols playlist on the Clapper Sounds Library. Whether you win or not, you can share your video carol as much as you want on the app! Non-participants are welcome to come and support their favorite carolers. Help us ring in the holidays and celebrate Clapper musicians – we seriously can’t get into the spirit without YOU!

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