Creating a Content Schedule for 2023 (Pt.1)

Being a content creator is a lot like a puzzle. There are dozens of pieces that have to fit together and are equally important for the entire picture. Often we focus on making our profile look nice, making sure we look nice, editing our videos, and engaging with our followers. One piece that so many creators forget (myself included) is setting a content schedule.

Because being a creator is more than just creating a profile and posting the occasional video. If you want to take this seriously, build a community, and maximize your earning potential, you’ll need to develop a content schedule. In this two-part series, we’ll help you develop a content schedule that suits you and your audience.

And in this first part, we’ll tackle what you need to consider before you even start recording. While diving in and trying things out can be beneficial, it’s just as helpful to have a solid idea of what kind of content you want to create.

What is a Content Schedule? 🤔

Social Media Calendar from our Ultimate Creator Guide, 2022.

Simply put, a content schedule is a schedule of when you plan to post or publish upcoming content. It helps you manage what needs to be created or shared and makes managing your time easier. Content schedules give your posts some kind of consistency and will help you remember when and what you need to post something.

These can be incredibly detailed, with a pitch or script for the video and a precise time you want to post it. Or it can be as simple as saying you want to go live or host a radio on a specific day. The point of it is to help you share content consistently and better manage your time. Whatever way will help you accomplish those goals is perfect.

Now that we know what a content schedule is, here’s a list of 10 questions to consider before you start planning what to post.

What content do you like to watch? 📱

Take some time to think about the content you enjoy. What keeps you scrolling? What are you excited to see on your FYP? Since you’re naturally drawn to these pieces and enjoy them, this would be a strong place to start on your content creation journey! Even a quick scroll can give you some ideas, like…

  • vlogs or “get ready with me” videos
  • makeup tutorials
  • educational content about a niche
  • quick videos sharing fun facts
  • interviews or quick chats with people

As you start scrolling and liking, take note of what you get excited about or search for. Paying a little extra attention to what content you like can give you a ton of results!

What do you know a lot about? What do you have an interest in? 🧠

If there’s a hobby you enjoy or a topic you’re passionate about, consider making content about it. The odds are that other people will be interested and want to learn more! And if you’re already interested in something, it will make creating content around it exciting.

Why do you want to share this content? 💸

There’s no wrong answer to this question! But the answer will change your approach. If you want to build an audience and make this your main hustle, your schedule will need to be more robust and thought through. Maybe you just want to meet new people, so your content can be a little more casual. If you’d like to educate people, you’ll want to think of how you need to share this content and be ready to answer questions.

Again, there are no wrong answers here. We suggest starting with one approach, then adjusting or adding in a few more once you’ve tried it out. It’s more than okay if you end up wanting to change course.

What do you like about other people’s videos – in your niche or otherwise? 💕

You don’t have to copy them by any means, but think about what you enjoy in other people’s videos. Do you like when they speak off the cuff, or when they have a script? Do you like their cool backgrounds and the music they use? Consider taking the pieces you like from other people’s content and working them into your own.

How much time can you devote to producing videos (filming, editing, creating captions, etc)? ⌛

Creating content isn’t always quick and easy. Some videos take more planning and intention than others, and there are only so many hours in your day. Look at everything you have going on and find where you can work in some content creation. If you can only devote half an hour to it each day, that’s great! If you can spend an entire day creating content and post it throughout the week, that’s great too.  The time you can devote to it may change what and how often you post.

What tools do you have? 💡

This is a rather small question, as you don’t need much to start making content! On Clapper, all you need to be successful is your phone and something to talk about. But if you have something to take your content to the next level – a tripod, a nice light, a space you can use for filming – put it to use! Knowing what’s in your arsenal can help you decide what content is right for you.

What kind of style do you want your videos to have? 📹

This ties back into why you want to share your content and what you like about other people’. Do you want your content to have a specific tone or feel a certain way? Some examples:

  • Informative
  • Laid-back
  • Professional
  • Chaotic
  • Relaxing

Who is your audience? Who are you posting for? 🎟️

This is a flexible question and can change as you begin posting. But it’s a good idea to figure out who you’re trying to make content for. This can be broad (like saying your content is for people from the Southern US) or very niche (like saying you want to make content for people who write horror novels). Just having an idea will make planning and creating that content easier.

What features on the app do you want to use? 📻

Every app comes with its own features, so take some time to look for things you might want to try out! These could be occasional things you do for fun, or something you work into your routine regularly. You can find ways to make what the app offers work for you and help you stand out.

A common feature is a Livestream, but Clapper has a lot more features that you can use to grow your content schedule. The options are endless with our unique suite of features! Try spicing up your routine with the ideas below:

  • You can host a weekly Radio to share your content in a new format.
  • Start a Groupchat to get to know your followers or share fun challenges.
  • Go Live and hang out with your followers a while. Plan some activities to keep people engaged!

What will make you unique? 🦄

Don’t worry if you don’t have an answer to this right now. You can discover what’s unique about your content as you start to post it. But knowing your special perspective on what you’re sharing will let you play to it and give you an edge!

If you’re unsure of some of these questions, don’t stress too much. Answer what you can to at least get an idea of what you want to make, why, and who for. Knowing the answers to even half of these questions will be helpful. And keep exploring your niche for video ideas and start keeping a list of what you like.

In the next part…

Part 2 will be all about actually creating your content schedule. Not just the videos to make, but when to post them and how often to post them. These questions are the hard part; once you’ve answered them, everything else will come easily!

In the meantime, if you’d like to read more about content creation, check out our Ultimate Creator Guide. This covers every aspect of content creation, from discovering your place as a creator to strategic thinking and partnerships. You can also check out this video from Clapper Academy on building a content schedule.

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