Highlighting Community Guidelines: Gambling

In this new part of the Highlighting Community Guidelines series, we’re going to cover our Gambling guidelines. As you may have noticed, Clapper has seen a rush of Slot, Bingo, and Scratch-off accounts. We’re thrilled to have this new community on our app (the more the merrier) and we wanted to break down our community guidelines so that everyone can understand them and continue creating their content.

Just like with marijuana, gambling is not legal everywhere. This makes navigating this kind of content tricky for our creators, even more so since gambling content has been banned on other apps. While we understand those concerns, Clapper is a place for everyone to create content that makes them the happiest. 

So, let’s explore what these new changes mean without all the legal jargon.

Users can watch gambling, but gambling cannot take place in-app🎲

Livestreaming your time at the slot machines or watching someone scratch off their lottery tickets is perfectly fine. But you cannot take part in any gambling on Clapper. We encourage creators to gift on Livestreams as a form of entertainment or appreciation, so long the gifter is not using these funds to place any bets. So, if User A is at a casino and Livestreaming their turns at the slot machine, User B cannot send them a Livestream gift and ask User A to gamble for them (either the amount of the gift or as a general turn). User B can still send a gift if they’re enjoying the Livestream or want to celebrate User A’s big win.

To recap: users can send gifts and coins during gambling Livestreams and to gambling creators, but these funds cannot be used to place or in-exchange for bets.

No gambling transactions through any app features💸

We’ve talked about Livestreams, but this applies to all of Clapper’s features. If gambling is your passion, we want to be able to support you as a creator. Because of this, we recommend all of your gambling related transactions be conducted off the app.  This means that creators cannot sell scratch-offs, lottery tickets, slot machine plays, etc in any of the Clapper features.

There are many amazing apps for transactions and money transfers outside of Clapper. We recommend using these if you’d like to handle any gambling transactions. On Clapper, we want you to focus on entertaining your audience and having fun!

No promotion of gambling sites (slot sites, dice games, etc)🎰

Being a social media app means we have to abide by certain rules and guidelines. Because of that, we ask you to not promote gambling sites on Clapper. You’re free to talk about these sites if asked, but you can’t encourage creators to join these sites. This includes linking to a gambling site in your bio.

We want you to share your experience and expertise as a gambling creator with your audience! You are more than welcome to mention the sites that have worked for you in a Livestream or Radio, but make sure it’s not an in-app promotion or redirection.

We Want YOU to Succeed 🤑

There are a couple of reasons why Clapper must enforce these guidelines. Clapper must follow Apple and Google’s app guidelines in order to function and be downloaded in their stores. However, compared to other apps we want our gambling creators to be successful, to monetize, and to create the content they’re passionate about. We believe your community is valuable, and we you want to express that on Clapper – but to do that, you’ll need to follow these community guidelines.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about our newest updates, reach out to @ClapperCreator or @ClapperAcademy on Clapper. We’re happy to help however we can! 🧡