Attention-Grabbing Ideas For Your Shop Live

One of Clapper’s most unique features is Shop Live. It allows users with a Clapper Shop to go Live and share items from their store with viewers. It’s one of our favorite features and the hallmark of our Holiday Bazaar each year.

But with such an incredible and easy to use tool at your fingertips, how do sellers get the most out of it? And how can they keep their Shop Lives fresh and exciting? In this article, we’ll share a few tactics to try during your Shop Lives to get viewers excited about your products. But first…

How Do I Start a Clapper Shop Live? 🧐🤳

To start a Shop Live, make sure you have an active listing in your store and an updated version of the Clapper app. That’s it! Check out this tutorial from Clapper Academy for an in-depth rundown on how to go Live and promote your product right on the screen.

Now for the tips! Take notes, and be sure to right down any ideas that might come up as you read.

Break It Down 🧶🥽

Show us the process of making an item! Everyone wants to see how the sausage gets made, even if the old adage says otherwise. It can be really satisfying to watch a project come together, which will keep viewers engaged. Plus, you can show shoppers just how much love and attention goes into each item from your shop.

Share Your Ideas 💡💭

If you’ve been tossing around some ideas for new products to offer, ask your supporters! Whether you just want to hear what your followers are interested in or want their help designing a new item, bringing your customers into the process can get them excited about what you’ve got coming up. It’ll make them more likely to buy it if they feel they had a hand in the process – and it’ll help you figure out what people want.

Make it Suspenseful 😵‍💫⌛

If you’re showing off your products or walking us through the process, make sure to keep us on our toes! That might be releasing a new item of your collection everyday, or showing off something already in your store before you reveal a new addition. Remind us what we’re waiting for, why we’re sticking around, and build excitement and anticipation toward that final moment! It will make the new item even more irresistible.

Put it to Use 💃🍻

A product that looks great is essential, but buyers also want to know more about what it does. If you’re selling clothes or jewelry, they especially want to see how it looks. Stage a demo, a small fashion show, or a tutorial! This doesn’t have to be super grand; just you modeling your products or explaining how to get the most out of it can be so helpful! As an extra tip, have a list of frequently asked questions for each item and answer them as you’re showing it off.

Bring Up a Customer 🙋🌟

If you’ve made sales before and have a good relationship with your buyers, invite one to go live with you! Get them to show off what they bought and what they think of it. Don’t be afraid to let viewers ask them questions, either. Hearing from another customer can be so helpful when deciding to purchase something, and this past customer can make viewers feel like they need what you’re selling.

Make it Unique 🥇🦄

If there’s one thing we learned from this year’s Holiday Bazaar, it’s that items offered only on Clapper or only during a specific Shop Live sell really well! Find a way to make your listing feel like a special edition. Offer it in an exclusive color or design, or offer a discount for those who purchase during the live. Knowing that something won’t be there long can really get people reaching for their wallets.

Check Other Shops 🛍️📱

Don’t be afraid to drop into a few Shop Lives and see what your fellow business owners are doing! Watching other people can be incredible inspiration. Sometimes you’ll see ideas so good you can’t wait to try them, and other times you’ll see a tactic you want to tweak a little. Either one works – especially if it gets you sales. Just be sure to mention if you’re doing something you saw another creator try out.

Why Do They Want to Buy From You? 🛒🧡

Not only is shopping through Clapper convenient, but it comes with some incredible perks for buyers. Remind your audience that they’re supporting a small or local business when they purchase from you. Seeing the person behind the products and knowing how much they love their business can make buying an item even more exciting. It’s why you like Clapper in the first place! There are real people behind the camera, stoked to make connections and get to know you. The shop owners are no different!

Above all else, keep going. It may take a few tries to figure out what kind of Shop Lives work best for you and your business, so don’t be afraid to test out a few different things. At the very least you’ll get your brand out there, and if all goes well you’ll be sold out!

Want to learn more about the Clapper Shop and how to list your first items? Check out the announcement and FAQ on our blog! Need a quick rundown on how to go Live on Clapper? Read our Livestreams 101 article to get your questions answered.