Watchlist: Top 5 Authors & Poets on Clapper

It doesn’t take much time to realize that there are so many people and communities on Clapper. Just a few minutes of scrolling will show you art, politics, comedians, reaction videos, cooking, gardening, viral news – it’s honestly a little mindboggling! With so much to celebrate on the app, we wanted to start a series to help you explore what the Clapper Fam has to offer. Watchlist is a monthly collection of creators to help you explore a specific Clapper niche, and this week we’re highlighting our Top Authors & Poets.

As a quick note, we know there are a ton of authors and poets on Clapper – and we love it! For this edition of Watchlist, we looked for creators that post about their writing often. We could have gone on forever if we didn’t narrow it down!

An Inspirational Poet: LakeHouseNFTs 🖋️

@LakeHouseNFTs writes and shares several haikus each day. His poetry focuses and reflects on normal, everyday occurrences, reframing them so they seem less mundane. He breaks down his haikus into syllabels to help viewers understand (and create!) their own haikus. Even if you aren’t a poet, his poems are sure to spark your creativity. LakeHouseNFTs also shares movitaional moments  to keep writers and nonwriters alike inspired!

Future Bestselling Author: @Author_M.K.Dockery 📖

Whether you’re looking for your next read, need a few extra Clapper tips, or want to add some author humor to your FYP, @Author_M.K.Dockery has got you covered! She’s been busy building her community and sharing her work with readers. Her page is full of marketing inspiration…and we should know, because now her novel is at the top of our TBRs.

Spice Supplier: Jenna.Readz 🌶️

Look, @Jenna.Readz might not be an author, but boy does she give us some good recommendations. Whether she’s sharing her thoughts on her latest read or unboxing some author goodies, her bookish humor and spicy recommendations cannot be missed. She’s new to Clapper but has been steadily finding and growing her new community. Welcome, Jenna!

A Rising Star: @authorofawe 👀

We’ve had a huge influx of authors recently, but @authorofawe really stands out from the pack. They write horror short stories about the mysterious and the mundane alike. They narrate these on Clapper, complete with spooky music to really set the atmosphere. There’s only three stories up on their profile, but we can’t wait to see the other horrors they cook up next!

More Than Meets the Eye: @Dead_Society_Poet 🥸

When you look at @Dead_Society_Poet, you don’t expect for him to be an incredible poet. But after hearing just one poem, our jaws were on the floor! His poetry is short and sweet, but full of vivid imagery. As his name suggests, his work is a little dark and melancholic, but not in a bad way. Somber though themes of lost love may be, his work will always have you coming back for more.

Thank you for joining us for this month’s installment of Watchlist: Top 5 Authors & Poets! Give these creators a follow and inject a literary joy into your FYP. To check out our Top 5 Comedy Creators, read last month’s Watchlist.