Deep Dive with @ChloeSasha21

For this week’s Deep Dive Series, we’re interviewing Clapper and OnlyFans creator, @ChloeSasha21!

Aside from creating on Clapper, @ChloeSasha21 is a single mother of 4. She’s a full-time content and OF creator and is always looking for ways to connect with her community and elevate her craft. In this interview, we talked with @ChloeSasha21 about how she balances content creation and being a single parent, the content she plans to make more of this year, her advice for new creators, and more!

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If you treat [content creation] like a hobby it’s going to treat you like a hobby.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What does a day look like in your life?

Usually I wake up, get my kids ready for school, and get myself ready for the gym. I go every single day after I drop the kids off! Then after the gym I come home, get ready, and make a bunch of videos for my spicy page, my Only Fans. And I’ll go Live on multiple apps and I make a bunch of videos on Clapper. By then, it’s around time to pick up the kids, so I pick them up, hang out with them for a few hours, and then they go to bed. That’s when I work again; I go Live on all my platforms and I make more content, so I’m pretty busy! I’m a busy mom, on top of appointments and all the other day to day things.

We noticed in your profile that you’re a single mom of four in addition to being a content creator. How do you juggle all of it?

Honestly it’s organizing and time management. I’m not the best with time management, because sometimes I don’t have time to make content so I have to change things around. That’s my job, I need to make content. It’s hard, honestly! Especially when I don’t have any help; all my family is in Oregon, so I’m just here with my kids and I don’t have that many friends to help me out with them. It is a little tricky sometimes, but I make it work.

A lot of people think that making content doesn’t take a lot of time. But before you even make the content you have to think of all these ideas, think of the outfits, the hair, makeup. I like to give my fans good content; I don’t want them to see repetitive stuff or think it’s boring. So it’s hard, because I hold myself to really high standards and I’ll be like “I need a break”!

We all have our favorite content creators who we admire and sometimes try to emulate. Who is your content creator inspiration?

I look up to a lot of them! There’s different things that I like about different creators, so I don’t have a specific one that I look up to. I have different ones for different categories. I love consuming content, but time management, I can’t consume much. When I do have time, it’s usually organizing because I like organizing things. I like mom and lifestyle things, I follow a lot of spicy creators as well (because that’s my field and I get inspiration for them). And travel creators! I love travel creators because I love travelling. I wish I could do ASMR, but I’m so loud that it just wouldn’t work.

What do you enjoy most about content creation?

The creativity! I’m able to create whatever I want, and I love putting things out there for people to enjoy. There were times when I was married, when I was a single mom, when I was staying at home…that kind of content helps when you’re not in a really good headspace. Whatever content you’re into and already wanting to consume.

I know there’s people out there that will feel that way about my content as well and it’s very rewarding. I get a lot of DMs saying I’ve helped them. Because I’m very open with my fans and I talk to them normal, like they’re my friends. So it’s nice getting those messages saying I’ve helped them out when they’re not feeling good. My fans helped me get through my divorce, so I want to help them!

So, when did you join Clapper? How did your journey as a creator begin?

I joined Clapper a few months ago. It was recommended to me by a fan, because the other apps sometimes don’t like certain content or that you mention certain pages, so you get in trouble. I downloaded Clapper and I was like “this is perfect, I love this”! I love that I can just express myself the way I want to and not worry about my page not being there tomorrow or the next hour. And I love that you guys integrated the tips and the Gifts and all that – especially as a spicy creator, it helps a lot.

You’ve been posting a ton of content this year! Is there anything we can look forward to seeing? Anything new you’re planning?

I actually speak Spanish, so I was thinking of starting to make some Claps in Spanish! Also a little more vlog, lifestyle type of content, so people can get to know me better. I don’t plan on making mom content because I want to keep my kids away from the spotlight and protect them from…certain things they could get exposed to. I don’t want them to be on social media like that.

What is your favorite feature on the app? How will you use that feature to start creating that new content on Clapper?

That’s a good question! My favorite feature is definitely Livestreams, especially the Do Not Disturb feature. I go Live a lot on Clapper, so how would I integrate that…I don’t know! What would you guys suggest I do to make that feature work with more of the vlog/lifestyle content I’m wanting to make?

(Want our suggestions? Check them out at the bottom of the article!)

What do you enjoy most about Clapper? In what ways do you feel like Clapper needs improvement?

What I love the most about Clapper is free speech. I’m able to say what I want without getting in trouble, like I said before. That’s seriously one of my favorite things that you guys have going on. A lot of other platforms don’t allow you to do that.

Now, what would we improve on Clapper…? Sometimes I get my fans saying it’s not the best Livestream and it’s pixelated, so I would say Livestream quality. I don’t know how we would fix that, but that’s what I suggest! Another thing that I would say, because I do post a lot, is having an editing feature. So that I can edit videos in the app and I don’t have to use a different app to edit the videos I want to upload.

What advice would you give new creators that want to be successful on Clapper?

Just be yourself. And if you treat it like a hobby it’s going to treat you like a hobby. So if you’re wanting it to be a full time job, I would say really focus on creating as much content as you can and putting it out there every single day. I make a lot of content and I post 3-4 videos every single day, on all different platforms. So if they’re wanting to grow and have it become their job, that would be my advice.

But don’t be too hard on yourself, too! A lot of people look at likes and numbers because that’s what they go off of…don’t do that. Don’t do that to yourself. Just create the content, put it out there, and it will work. So if you have a bad day where your numbers aren’t as high as the day before, it’s okay. You just have to look at it as a business! Every business as their low moments and their high moments – even Amazon has high times and low times. It’s the same thing.

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In a fun, unexpected bonus, @ChloeSasha21 asked the Clapper Team how she could incorporate Livestreams into the vlog and lifestyle content she was wanting to create! Below are our suggestions.

ClapperCreator (Cece): You’re already doing such an amazing job by being yourself. My number 1 tip to incorporate that with Livestreams is to just join other creator’s Lives! Get a feel for how they do it. Also, whenever you do start going Live, make sure that you have proper lighting (it’s really important for other creators to see you) and make sure that you have an interesting set up. Just to keep your Lives enticing and keep creators focused and engaged.

ClapperAcademy (Lauren): Besides Livestreaming, I say a good way is to build your profile Groupchat. We have the Groupchat feature, and that’s a good place to really cultivate that community. You’re already building a big community on Clapper, so now would be the perfect time to set that Group up! When you have that Groupchat you can share Livestreams you start, Radios you host, and honestly the list goes on. If you have a content schedule you can also share that out.

ClapperTalks (Harri): I love a Get Ready With Me (doing my makeup, picking an outfit, etc), cleaning, Organize With Me. That would be a great way to make that personal content and help your audience get to know you a little better, but still be on Livestream and still be trying new things. I think that would be a really good marrying of your interest.