Moderators 101

As a content creator, you’ve got a busy schedule. You have to create and edit your content, find new and exciting ways to engage with and entertain your community, be on the look out for collaborations, and somehow balance everything else in your day-to-day life. If you need a little extra help managing all of it, we can’t wait to introduce you to moderators.

Moderators help you manage your community, taking a few responsibilities off your plate so you have more time to focus on other priorities. In this article, we’ll tell you what moderators are, how to set them, and what you can do to become one.

What Are Moderators? 🤓

Moderators are users that help a creator engage with and keep track of their community. These moderators are usually other creators that the host knows and can trust. They might be big names on Clapper, consistently creating content and building their community. Or they might be someone who watches and interacts with their favorite creators instead of making their own videos.

Currently, we have moderators for Groupchats, Livestreams, and Radios. We’ll get into how to set them and tell who a moderator is, but first lets get into…

What Do They Do? 🌟

The role of moderators and their responsibilities is up to the creator and moderators themselves, but there are some basic things most moderators do! They help welcome people into the conversation, enforce the rules the host has set, and remove those who do not follow them. They can also be conversation starters and help creators (and viewers!) form connections.

Groupchat Moderators 💬

The creator of the Groupchat is automatically a moderator, but has the option to add a few more. To add a moderator in a Groupchat:

  • Open your Groupchat and click the 3 dots in the top right corner. This will take you to the Settings menu.
  • In this menu, you’ll click the “Group members” option, which should be the 3rd one down.
  • The next screen will display all of the people in your Groupchat. At the top, type your new moderator’s name into the search bar.
  • When their name comes up, click the 3 dots to the right of their name. A menu should pop up with the options “Remove From Group” or “Make Moderator”.
  • Once you click “Make Moderator”, the username should appear in the listing with a “Moderator” tag next to it. After that, you’re good to go! This new moderator will be able to remove users.

Livestream Moderators 📹

The host of the Livestream is automatically a moderator, but has the option to add a few more. To add a moderator in a Livestream:

  • In the chat, find the person you want to make a moderator. The easiest way to add them is through a Livestream comment, so tell them to send something in. Even if it’s a quick “hey”!
  • Click on the user’s comment. This should pull up a menu page with a few options for what to do with them: “Remove User”, “Make Moderator”, and “Block User”. For this, you’ll hit “Make Moderator”.
  • And that’s it! The new moderator will be able to remove users. All moderators in the chat will have a red “Mod” next to their name so they’re easy for you to find!

Radio Moderators 📻

The host of the Radio is automatically a moderator, but has the option to add a few more. To add a moderator in a Radio:

  • Find the user that you want to make a moderator. Tap their profile pic. (Reminder: if they’re already a speaker, they should have moderator capabilities.)
  • A menu should come up displaying their profile with the option “Make a Moderator”. There will be some other options depending on if they’re a speaker or audience member, so right now we’ll just focus on this option.
  • Once you click it, the creator will be a moderator! You’ll find that in most Radios, the speakers themselves are the moderators, but it never hurts to have someone in the audience to help out.

How Do I Become a Moderator? 🏅

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, the first step is to engage with your favorite creator’s content. Start listening to their Radios, engaging in their Groupchat, and being active in their Livestreams. Make your presence known and become a familiar face. Creators will only allow people they trust to become moderators, so you want to build that connection.

If you feel comfortable (or the creator allows it) don’t be afraid to remind people of the rules, too. If you see someone sharing or saying something they shouldn’t, you can send a quick message about it. So long as you aren’t going overboard, the moderators and host will appreciate the help. And it shows you’re not afraid to enforce the rules!

One final thing: not everyone who wants to be a moderator can become one. Your time will come, but you’ll just have to be patient! Keep engaging, keep trying, and keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities.

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