Clapper Reading List

In the last month, we have seen a huge growth in our bookish community! Authors, editors, and readers alike have swarmed the app, sharing their expertise and art with their Clapper audience. We’ve had reading and writing spaces on the app since it was founded in 2020, but seeing the Clapper OGs and Clapper Newbies come together to celebrate their work has been so inspiring. And with such incredible artists sharing their books, how could we not highlight a couple #BookClap recommendations?

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of our top recommendations. Whether you’re looking to get out of a reading slump or support your fellow creators, we’ve got a recommendation fit just for you.

Our Reading Recommendations

My Soul Escapes Me by Jennifer Greco (TheJennieGProject)

My Soul Escapes Me is JennieG’s first collection of stories, poems, and quotes. This book was therapeutic for JennieG to write and serves as a testament to all she’s overcome. As she so eloquently put it: “PTSD is never gonna leave me but I know that I can beat the demons by applying it to my writings and my arts.” But she also wrote with the hope that others would find comfort in it, either by escaping their own battles or seeing their life mirrored in her story. As emotional and vulnerable as it is inspiring, My Soul Escapes Me does just what it promised. You can grab a copy on Amazon or in her Clapper Shop.

(Also, isn’t that the best book title? Talk about grabbing our attention!)

Would You Marry You? by Eddie Bowers (@EddieBowers)

If you’re wanting to look inward and do some work on yourself, our next recommendation is the ticket. In his 2nd book, Eddie wants readers to learn to love themselves. Because how can you really love someone (or expect them to love you) if you don’t also love yourself? He’s sharing his own stories and struggles to help readers learn, grow, and overcome their demons. Would You Marry You? asks hard questions and makes you face truths you’d otherwise run from. “Things might not get better, but you sure as hell will.” Get your own copy (and check out Eddie’s other books!) at Amazon.

Journal of Life: With Mental Illness by Martha McDaniel (@country_girl_princess)

The Clapper Team was lucky enough to hear special sneak peeks of this emotional collection during our Holiday Bazaar, and we’ve been hooked ever since! Journal of Life is just as it sounds; Martha uses her poetry to tell us her life story, confront past traumas, and work through the struggles that she still lives with. Martha takes her readers on a vulnerable trip through her life, one that everyone can relate to in some way. “Will you come on this journey with me?

Martha’s journal of life is available in her Clapper Shop and Amazon.

Dark Tides Series by Candace Osmond (@AuthorCandaceOsmond)

Candace is new to Clapper, but her Dark Tides series was an instant addition to our TBR. Outlander meets Daughter of the Pirate King? A woman breaks a ship in a bottle and is transported back to 1707? And she has too charm a deadly pirate so he doesn’t kill her ancestors? While also trying to find her way back to the future? How could we resist! And, luckily for us, The Devil’s Heart is just the 1st in a 6 book series – and all the books have been published! You can find this series and Candace’s other releases on Amazon.

The Clapper Coloring Book and Clapper Yearbook

We couldn’t let a reading list go by without bragging about @JDubsArts and @Queenager‘s incredible work on the Clapper Coloring Book and the Clapper Yearbook! JDubsArts collected usernames and pictures from creators all across the app and created an incredible coloring book based on the Clapper family. Queenager built a yearbook for the entire community, highlighting creators, campaigns, meetups, and much more. These creators went above and beyond to showcase creators from every corner of the app, and we couldn’t be more excited about the outcome! You can order the coloring book (officially titled Socially Blended) on Amazon, and the yearbook (officially titled ClapFam) on Amazon as well.

Got a book recommendation for us? Share it on Clapper using the hashtag #BookClap!