Clapper Q&A

Each week, we get asked dozens of questions about Clapper.  Whether it’s about how to use our features, how to get the most out of the algorithm, or how to improve their content, creators reach out to us daily.  It’s why we started creating tutorials on @ClapperAcademy, and why we started our Q&A Livestreams on @ClapperCreator.  And why we started our 101 series on the blog.

But even internally, we know it can be hard to search through all the videos we’ve created – or to make the Clapper Q&A to see if your question get’s answered.  So we thought we would combine all of our favorite Clapper Q&A questions and answer them here!

When my clapping hands go (I’m a new creator) will my growth on Clapper be stunted, meaning I’ll have to put in more work to be seen on the For You Page? If so, how I can help get my videos pushed back out once I become I regular member of Clapper? – @coco_frankiee

We actually do not boost new accounts on Clapper!  Since we have our equal opportunity algorithm, no one gets a boost with our algorithm.  But every new creator gets a clapping hands badge, and our community is often so excited to see new creators that they lend them extra support to help welcome them.

How can we better the quality of our lives? – @Lovemyluck

This is something we’re asked pretty often.  There are quite a few ways you can increase the quality of your livestreams, either by investing in a tripod or phone stand, ensuring you have good lighting and clear audio, or even working on your presence as a host.  A tip we share regularly is to make sure you’re letting the live “warm up” before you begin.  Start the livestream, engage with the viewers and explain what you’ll be doing, and get the audience hyped before you begin!  Once you’ve got a pretty good sized audience, get the show started.

You can learn more in this article, as well as this video posted by @ClapperAcademy.

Also, how many hashtags do you recommend per post? – @lexibeqiri

There is no recommended number of hashtags to use!  Each caption has a character limit, so that will determine how many hashtags you can use.  We see a lot of creators using 5 hashtags, so that might be a sweet spot to aim for.

Is shadow banning and a real thing? – @MrGspot

No, Clapper does not shadow ban our creators.  We have an equal opportunity algorithm, which means that every video that meets our community guidelines and is good quality will be pushed to the FYP.  We also do not push videos with a watermark on them, which leads some new creators to believe they’re shadow banned.  Make sure that your videos are good quality, follow our community guidelines, and do not have watermarks.  If you meet these requirements, your videos will be pushed to the FYP.

Is sharing content considered the same as stolen content? – @K.O.P.MUSIC

That depends.  Stolen content is when you repost someone else’s content without giving them any kind of credit.  This could be taking a recipe video from someone and posting it on your own page, claiming it as your own.  Or simply not saying it belongs to someone else.  Even something as simple as reposting a video with an emoji and a few hashtags and not giving credit to the original creator is stealing content.

If you have permission from the original creator and/or give them credit in the caption, that could be considered sharing.  But you’d need to be very clear about who actually created (and technically owns) the video.  We recommend that you create your own, original content and avoid resharing content that is not your own.  If you think something is cool and want to show your followers, clap it back so the creator gets proper credit.

With verification, what would poor quality mean as a reason for denial? – @Redwayzwarrior

“Poor quality” relates specifically to videos and can mean a variety of things.  Most of us think of video quality: the camera could be blurry, the videos may be hard to see, or maybe they’re poorly lit.  The camera may also be shaky or just really slow.  In terms of audio, maybe we aren’t able to hear the person speaking – or it’s really hard to.  Basically, quality is anything that can contribute to the “watchability” of your content.  If it’s hard to understand what you’re doing because of the camera or microphone, that’s quality.  You can read more about that here.

How many videos can you upload a day? – @Diva_khadija2

We have no limit to how many videos you can upload in a day, but there’s a caveat.  If you post a lot of videos back to back, they may be marked as spam and not pushed to the FYP.  If you want to grow your platform, a good rule of thumb is to post no more than 2 – 3 times per day.  You won’t be flagged, but you’re still posting consistently.

When you talk about consistency, is it posting every day or when we have time? – @country_girl_princess

This is a great question!  Consistency in social media simply means posting with some kind of pattern.  You do not have to post every single day to be consistent.  All you need is a schedule that you can stick to.  Maybe you post every other day, or only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  Sometimes posting as you have time can lead to sporadic and unreliable uploading – which is fine, if that’s your style.  If you’re wanting to get a more clear schedule or develop consistency, figure out a regular schedule that will work for you.

We recommend posting at least 5 days a week, if you can!  If that’s not possible for you, just make sure you’re posting regularly.

Does getting removed from Radios affect your account in any way? – @TheBINGOguy

No, it does not!  If you’re removed from a livestream, you can’t enter another live for 7 days.  But the same rule does not apply to Radios.

My profile verification was not categorized correctly. Do I need to remove it and request again or who can I contact to have it changed? – @Mandii87

Another great question!  Our team carefully reviews your content and the supporting documentation to ensure they select the right verification for your account.  If you think your verification field is incorrect, you can first DM @ClapperCreator or @ClapperAcademy and ask why this was given.  They can work with our technical team to figure out why you were verified in this category.  If you still want to change after that (or just want to change it from the beginning) you can remove your verification and reapply after the freeze period.

Didn’t get the answer to your question?  Check our our FAQ to see if that solves the issue.  If not, you can tune into the New User Radio on @ClapperAcademy every Monday at 1pm CST, or the Clapper Q&A every Tuesday at 11am CST.