Content Ideas To Try On Clapper Livestream

There are few things more fun than going Live on Clapper. Not only can you meet and connect with new people, but you can earn diamonds and gifts from viewers just for hanging out. But what can you do to keep your audience engaged? And how can you make your Lives stand out from the crowd? This article is full of fun ideas that will make your streams unmissable and keep your audience engaged! Feel free to use these as a base and adjust them to fit your audience or content.

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Host a trivia or Jeopardy night! ✅

Get some fun facts together and go live with your audience. Invite someone into your Live with you and quiz them until they get an answer wrong. Once they’re out, invite your top gifter (so far) to take their place. Continue this until you run out of questions or hit a time limit, and congratulate the person who got the most right answers. Your trivia can cover anything: movies, history, different kinds of mixed drinks– the options are endless!

Jump on Live and encourage people to be productive with you. ⏲️

There’s nothing like people watching you to suddenly make you focus. Open up by saying that you’ll be reading, writing, or getting some work done and invite people to stay on Live and join you. Work for a little bit, take a break to check in and hear what everyone is working on, then get back to work. This can be a great way to connect with your audience and still feel productive.

Do you have a fuzzy companion? 🐇🐕🐎

Bring your pet on screen and let them be the star of the show! There are few things more entertaining or attention grabbing than an animal, so bring your furry friend on camera. Tell us about their personality, share some fun facts about their species, or just do your thing with them there.

Have a movie night! 🍿

Let your audience (and anyone who would like to join) know that you’ll be starting a specific movie at a specific time in your Live. You can all press play at once and watch the movie together. React with your viewers in the chat, and invite someone to join you at the end for a “talkback”. Extra tip! Make this stream extra special by announcing it in advance and having your audience help you decide what to watch.

Show off your cooking chops. 🧑‍🍳

Get in the kitchen and cook, bake, or make drinks. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or trying out a new recipe, take us along for the ride. You can dispel wisdom and advice as you cook, or just chat about your day and what might have inspired you to try out this new concoction. Don’t forget to do a taste test at the end!

Host a food review or taste test session! 🍹🍨🥯

Grab some new snacks (either what looks good in the store or viewer recommendations) and take some time to try them on Live. Audiences love watching other people test something first; they’re naturally curious to see how it turns out, and the approval of someone online might make them buy it! It also gives you the chance to eat some snacks, and who could complain about that?

Work on a crossword puzzle.📝

Print off a crossword puzzle or grab one from the paper ask your viewers for help solving it. Read off the hints and use their guesses to fill in the blanks. It’s a great way to relax and keep your audience engaged.

Host a storytime. 📚

Grab a book, crack the spine, and read it live to your followers. Pick a book people love or will be excited about, and don’t be afraid to do different voices for each character. Once you’ve finished reading a section, stop and discuss the book with your viewers. You can make it a weekly or even nightly thing by reading a chapter at a time!

Have a comedy night! 🎭

Invite other comedians to join you for an improv session, a battle of the jokesters, or just have them up to tell some of their favorite jokes. The rotation of new, hilarious creators will keep viewers interested in the Live, and you’ll have their audiences tuning in, too!

Try out a new hobby! 🛹🎲🎻

If you’ve always wanted to try video games, knitting, or even woodworking, take your viewers along for your first every attempt. Most people probably haven’t done it, either, and it can be fun to watch people try new things. Plus, they’ll get to see a new side of you!

No matter what you do on Live, be sure that YOU have fun and that you’re being yourself! Both of these will be essential for your Livestreams. Viewers can tell when something is off, and it will make them disengage and lose interest. So long as you’re having a good time and showcasing your incredible personality, you can’t go wrong!

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